Fixes to eliminate QuickBooks Desktop Error 6189 816

QuickBooks has assisted many users in understanding the dynamics of business accounting. Even if the user is not a financial expert, bookkeeping becomes easy with the assistance of QuickBooks. The software allows multiple systems to connect to the server computer and simultaneously work on the same data through a multi-user network. But this network can suffer from issues like QuickBooks Desktop Error 6189 816, which affects the efficiency of the multi-user network. Assuming you are here because you also faced this error while opening your company file, go through this blog to find out the causes of this error and the precise methods to eliminate it from your system.

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About the error

You won’t get access to your company file until this error is removed from QuickBooks, as it won’t let you connect to the company file located in the multi-user network. The data in your company file is entirely secure, and the multi-user user network is to be criticized for the occurrence of this error. The multi-user network connecting your server computer and workstations has developed issues prohibiting QuickBooks from accessing the company file. You need to get rid of this error to work on your company file again.

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The possible triggers for these issues in the multi-user network as mentioned below-

  • The Database Server Manager has crashed in the background, directly impacting the multi-user network.
  • The Network descriptor file is missing or has been somehow damaged in your system’s hard drive.
  • The program files of QuickBooks are corrupted due to a partial installation of the software on your computer.


These methods can be used to resolve the issues with the multi-user network-

Solution 1- Use the QuickBooks Tool hub to repair the problems in your software

You must download the latest version of QuickBooks Tool hub on your computer and proceed with the steps listed below-

  1. Open the QuickBooks Tool hub on your computer and click on the Program Problems
  2. From the drop-down list, select Quick Fix my program.
  3. Wait until the process is finished and retry opening your company file.

Solution 2- Rename the Network Descriptor(.nd) File

The network descriptor file ensures that the multi-user network works properly and the data transmission between the systems is consistent. If this file incurs any damage, it can cause the multi-user network to suffer. You can rename the file to repair the damages, as the file will be recreated when you reopen QuickBooks. Follow the steps below-

  1. Open the folder with your QuickBooks Files.
  2. The Network descriptor file will have an identical name to your company file and an extension .nd.
  3. Right-click on the sile and select the Rename
  4. Add ‘.old’ as an extension to the file name and save it.
  5. Reopen QuickBooks and access your company file.

The company file will now open without any errors.


We are near the end of our blog, which contains the information about QuickBooks Desktop Error 6189 816. The possible triggers for this error were explained, along with the appropriate methods to resolve it. We anticipate you used the methods and resolved the error from your QuickBooks.

You can contact our QB support team at 1.855.738.2784 for any remaining issues in the software.

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