Few Terrible Liver Diseases and Their Symptoms | liver transplant surgeon in India 

The liver performs several functions in our body related to metabolism and detoxification of waste. The liver is the organ that keeps you healthy by turning nutrients into chemicals required by the body. Liver Diseases can be genetic or caused by various factors like excess alcohol and obesity. 

In extreme cases of liver disease, transplantation might be suggested. You need to consult with the best liver transplant surgeon in India for your treatment. 

Here is a list of the worst liver diseases and symptoms for your reference-


The most common kind of liver infection is hepatitis viruses. The virus can infect the liver through blood, contaminated food or water, and close contact with the infected person. As the hepatitis virus is contagious, you should get vaccinated for hepatitis A and hepatitis B. 

Immune System Problems-

The immune system in the body helps fight the viruses and bacteria present in the body. It attacks healthy cells present in the body. It usually targets the bile ducts and holds the bile in the liver. 

Few autoimmune conditions are autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cholangitis, and primary sclerosing cholangitis. 

Cancers and Tumors-

Cancer in the liver is usually transmitted by the other organs in the body. Lungs, colon, or breasts can usually transmit it. Liver cancer can develop as a minor spot in the liver or can develop as a single tumour. Common liver cancers are bile duct cancer and liver adenoma.

Inherited Conditions

There are several conditions you inherit from your parents that can affect your liver. It can be an abnormal gene inherited that can cause several substances to build up in your body, leading to liver damage. Excess of iron stored in the liver can cause life-threatening conditions. Your liver can also get damaged due to the build-up of copper in the liver. The faulty chemicals in your liver cannot fight the infections leading to liver damage.  

Liver Failure

Liver failure is a slow process, and symptoms are not visible early. It might require continuous treatment. 

Consult a liver transplant surgeon in India if required.


In this condition, the liver is usually damaged permanently. Scar tissues restrict the liver to function normally as it replaces the healthy tissue. 

As there is no specific treatment for cirrhosis, treating the causes or related liver disease might help in reducing the effect of cirrhosis. 

Fatty Liver Disease-

It is usually caused when there is a fat build-up in the liver. It can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. There is no or less inflammation in simple fatty liver, and it does not cause liver damage. Alcohol fatty liver is due to the excessive use of alcohol as it produces harmful substances in your liver. It can damage your liver cells and weaken your body. 

You need to make an appointment with a doctor if you notice any symptoms related to liver disease, as it can be fatal if not treated. You should maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent causing liver damage. 

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