Best Facebook Widget Tools That You Should Look Out In 2022

Facebook does not require any introduction as it is one of the oldest and most popular social media platforms. It helps users to express themselves using different features and as it has a huge user base, the content gets great reach. These features attract many businesses and hence, they often use the platform as part of their marketing plan.

And brands look forward to extracting maximum benefits from the platform, there has been a trend where they are opting to embed Facebook widget on the website. This strategy is turning out beneficial to the business and helping them in attaining their business goals.

So if you want to enjoy the same benefits, we have filtered some of the best Facebook widget tools that can help you in this cause. These tools are easy to find and have a user-friendly interface making them easy to find.

What is Facebook Widget?

Before learning about the tools, let us understand the Facebook widget. So if you aren’t aware of the Facebook widget, here is a little brief about it.

Facebook widget is a functional block on the website that enables users to display Facebook feeds. And as the widgets stream the content from the source, hence does not affect the website’s speed. 

We all know Facebook is a hub for images, videos, and text content. Hence, by embedding the Facebook widget on the website, you can showcase all this varied content to your visitors. In addition, the widget makes the website engaging and interactive, which eventually helps you in establishing your online presence. And as the world is marching towards digitalization, it becomes important to have a recognized online presence. 

The Facebook widget helps you in achieving all the mentioned feats. And for the Facebook widget, you need these tools.

Facebook Widget Tools That Can Take Your Business To New Heights In 2022

Various Facebook widget tools are readily available in the market. And as we always look to work with the best, hence we have prepared a list of the best in the business. You can find these tools with ease, we have examined them based on their usage, pricing plans, and features. And hence we are mentioning some of the key features of each tool.

1. Tagembed Widget


You might have heard about Tagembed. It is one popular social media aggregator tool that helps users collect social media feeds from various platforms. It then allows users to curate and customize the collected feed and then displays them as one unified presentation on the website. In addition, Tagembed offers a dedicated Facebook widget that helps in collecting Facebook posts from the desired source. You have the option to choose from tags, mentions, Facebook pages, and more. It then displays all the content with ease on the website.

The tool has an easy embedding process, all you need to do is embed Facebook feed using Tagembed, generate the embedding code for the widget, and paste it into the website’s backend. And that is it, with these simple steps, you can own a website showcasing Facebook posts. Alongside easing the embedding process, it provides the following features.

Customization – to personalize the widget as per your need. It enables you to change the font size, font style, background color, and more. Choose the best combination for the widget and make it pleasing to the eyes.

Moderation – to remove all the irrelevant and unwanted content from the feed and maintain the quality of the website.

Responsive widget  – adjust itself as per any screen type, so your visitors can enjoy the feed irrespective of the devices they are using

Analytics, custom CSS, custom CTA and more

2. Flockler


Flockler is another phenomenal tool that collects, curates, customizes, and displays social feeds on the website. You can use the tool to get a Facebook widget that you can easily embed on the website. 

As it is compatible with streaming all types of media, your visitors can easily view images, videos, and more.

Talking about the features, it provides the following features

Customization  – to modify the widget and make it more attractive so more people can spot it on the website and view the content.

Moderation – to keep the widget related to your business only.

3. Smashballoon


Smashballoon is next on the list. This amazing tool helps provide you with the Facebook widget. And like the tools mentioned above, it helps users in gathering the posts and displays them on the website. 

The widget is simple to set up and is easy to use. It boasts of installing widgets and displaying Facebook under 5 minutes, which saves the time of users. And as the widget is responsive, there is no need to change the display setting as per different devices. The widget adjusts itself as per any screen size.

Summing It up

One cannot ignore the impact of Facebook in the marketing field. And by opting to embed Facebook widget on the website, you extract more benefits from the platform. The tools mentioned above are best in the market currently, so try them now and help your business achieve business goals.

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