Pandemics speed-up the cases of eye strain in 2021: What to do?

Digital Eye Strain’

During pandemics, every time I called my friend, colleague, or any relative this is what we talked about. All just because of working on the computer for long hours. During the lockdown, it was difficult to reduce the screen time as there was nothing to do or go out. No doubt, we all got time to spend with our family but many of us used to watch movies, shows, or TV together.

In medical terms, this is referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome. This problem is directly related to the total time for which you have used the digital screen. Majorly, the problem is seen in all those who have spent more than 6 to 7 hours continually using digital devices.

Are you experiencing the same?

No need to delay the situation and better seek Eye Strain Treatment in Jalandhar from one of the leading eye doctors.

Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Strain Symptoms

Now! Your concern must be how do I know I have a problem. Well! In this scenario there are a few symptoms that will trigger like:

  1. Dry eyes
  2. Eyestrain
  3. Headaches
  4. Blurred vision
  5. Time lag in focusing from distance to near and vice versa
  6. Neck and shoulder pain

Be cautious about this factor!

You need to know that seeing a digital screen is more demanding than seeing something which is on printed paper. Even if you are looking to check through all the social networks or you want to check the email, it will take some time and your eyes need to make that effort. This is the reason people are getting the Eye Strain Treatment in Punjab to address the reason behind dry eyes or blurred vision. While looking at the computer screen you must blink as much as you can. On-time treatment from the eye doctor will prevent the problem from getting worse and even in case there is a need for vision correction you will get that on time.

Expert tips to prevent the eye strain

  • Follow the 20-20-20 rule

You have to follow this rule to take the best care of your eyes. It means to take a break for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes, and see something 20 feet away. This is the time to give your eye muscles the relaxation it needs.

  • Set the computer screen in the right place

You need to make sure the location of the computer is comfortable and it needs to be below eye level.

  • Get the right lighting

You need to have the right lighting for your place. Make sure there are enough windows and doors to let in natural light inside the working area so that your eyes do not have to stress themselves to do the work.

Final word!

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