Everything You Need to Know About the Venerable Sealcon

Finding the most sublime parts and materials in the industry of automation is no small feat. There are countless intricate moving parts, from monstrous panels to minuscule cable glands. However, who’s to say that when you do find such integral parts that they’ll certainly be of the highest quality, serving you for an extended amount of time?

Precisely: no one. Your research has, fortunately, landed you here, however, where we can be the knowledgeable guiding voice to proudly and efficiently connect you with one particular manufacturer that can provide you with what you need and more: Sealcon.

This name has long been synonymous with quality products that those in the automation industry can utilize to their advantage. Let’s take a much closer look at this particular manufacturer, what makes them so “venerable,” what it is they manufacture, and where to purchase their products.

What Is Sealcon?
Sealcon is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in manufacturing and supplying Hummel strain relief fittings and connectors. Generally speaking, they create cable management solutions to adhere to any requirements.

Their extensive inventory is priced at over $2 million and is stocked with more than 9,000 products.

Why Are They So Great?
But what exactly is it that makes this sole company so outstanding in the first place? Here are just some of their most redeeming qualities:

High-Quality Products
Their products boast quality above all else. Just for one example, their nylon plastic relief fittings are built with rugged construction, are submersible, liquid-tight, have pull-out resistance, and cable protection. All of their products are designed and built with such intricately impressive considerations and constructions.

Approval Certifications
For those companies who require specific approval certifications in order to purchase and utilize such cable management solutions, they offer those, too. In actuality, they offer many certifications, including CSA, VDE, UL, UR, CE PCT Gost, TUV, German Lloyd (GL), RoHS, ATEX, Deca BDE, IECEx, Ex-e, Ex-d, and many others!

Replenished Catalog Weekly
If you were to ever find yourself searching through their offerings and not finding exactly what you need, you can contact them and they will happily accommodate. They replenish their products every week, so you won’t have to wait long to finally receive the product you’re looking for!

Excellent Customer Service
They value each and every customer, which is not something that is common in this particular industry. Every one of their team members works diligently to provide the best service to every individual from quote to installation (and even after!).

Family Owned and Operated
While we did gloss over this point earlier, we thought it deserves its own spot in this list. Working alongside a company that has stayed within the family for years is an enlightening experience as you can feel better-taken care of, heard, and catered to. The same typically cannot be said of those larger conglomerates. Plus, who doesn’t like to support a family unit?

What Do They Manufacture?
They manufacture numerous cable management solutions to meet the needs of any location, setting, and requirement. The majority of their offerings are strain relief fittings, cord grips, cable glands, circular connectors, enclosures, and accessories.

Where to Buy Their Products
When you are looking to purchase such helpful, quality, and dependable products for your industry all for affordable prices, trust no one other than Major Electronix. They have thousands of automation products available for their customers at competitive prices, which include those from Sealcon. Browse their automation offerings today and find what you need to make your business work at its best!

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