Engraving Ideas for 3mm Gold Wedding Band to Make You Feel Its Made Only for You

Having your wedding band engraved with a secret message or with your partner’s name is a unique piece of jewelry you can have. One can choose to engrave the wedding date, initials of each other’s name, nickname, etc., and it feels incredibly romantic between the wearers. Engravings are a timeless practice and a lovely way to make your wedding band feel like it’s made only for you.

The 3mm gold wedding band that you wear might be expensive, but the good thing is that the engravings are affordable. It basically depends on the number of characters and the average amount being $ 50 to $ 100 for 15 – 25 characters. Here are some wedding band engraving ideas that might catch your attention.

  1. Short romantic quotes:

If you want to engrave a quote, make sure it’s short because rings can accommodate a maximum of 30 characters. Short quotes include religious verses, song lyrics, sayings, a romantic line, a movie, or a book name. You can engrave your favorite line from a movie, show, or artist. Make sure that the quote is meaningful for you. Here are some noteworthy examples that you can consider.

● 1 Peter 4:8

● Past, Present & Future

● Love, Honour, and Cherish

● I Love You

● The Beginning Of Forever

● My Haven

● Love You Forever { Name}

  1. Funny engraving ideas:

These engraving ideas are a romantic and fun way to celebrate your togetherness. As a couple who loves humor, you can choose something funny, like a joke, a movie quote, or something humorous that you share personally. Here are some examples that you can try and cherish with your spouse.

● Finders Keepers

● No Take Back

● A Perfect Fit

● Put Me Back On!

● Lucky

● The Better Half

● A Deal Is A Deal

● Team { last name }

  1. One-Word Ideas:

One-word ideas are probably the personal favorite of most couples. These are simple and make you feel special with a single word. You can engrave the word by which you call each other, like a nickname or shared last name, on your 3mm wedding band. You can make it a bit more personalized by adding your wedding date beside your chosen word or name. 

Here are certain prime instances you can try.

● Soulmates

● Husband/Wife

● Dearest

● Lovers

● Forever

● Sweetheart

● Beloved

  1. Engraving ideas from movies and songs:

Nowadays, it has become a trend to engrave your favorite line from a movie or your favorite part of the song in the wedding band. The movie or song or anything else should be a personal favorite of the couple. You can choose to engrave a part of that song that you played while proposing to your partner. This will remind you of your special moment whenever you look at your band.

● A Love Divine

● All you need is love

● All I need is for you

● Baby, I’m Yours

● Better together

● Crazy in love

● I choose you

● It’s your love

● My endless love

● My precious

● I love you 3000 These are some wedding band engraving ideas that will personally make you feel happy about your choice.