Elevate Your Networking Experience With Bulk Cat6a Plenum Cable

In this fast-paced environment, the need for fast connectivity network cables is everyone’s top priority. The Internet is the primary need of any business or any small enterprise to run business operations smoothly. Among ethernet cables, the journey reveals drastic changes in speed and the copper conductor used in the cable to smooth the transmission of the data.

In this blog post, let’s discuss some key characteristics of the bulk cat6a plenum cable. Its importance and also some drawbacks to identifying the real requirement. The information provided will enhance the knowledge regarding the bulk cat6a cable. So, let’s start with an introduction to the category 6a cable.

What Is Bulk Cat6a Cable?

Among various categories of ethernet cables, the cat6a is an augmented category cable denoted by “Cat6A”. This cable is the next advanced upgrade among ethernet cables. Bulk Cat6a cable specifications have outrun the previous cable Cat6 and have only been adopted for commercial and industrial applications. It can also be used for residential bulk installations. 

The Cat6a cable 1000ft internal structure is the same – consists of 4 twisted pairs. The twisted pairs of cables are tight enough to cancel any external influence along with crosstalk to avoid minimum data loss. Cat6a cable comes in a pure copper conductor to ensure smooth data transmission. In fact, the cable is really an upgraded category among ethernet cables.

The maximum speed cat6a plenum 1000ft deliver is 10 Gbit/s over 100 meters, also if we decrease the length of the cable to 50 meters you will still get 10 Gbit/s speed. What’s more – its highest bandwidth speed is up to 750 MHz to support fast ethernet applications. 

The fast ethernet applications include

  • 10BASE-T
  • 1000BASE-T
  • 100BASE-VG
  • Audio/Video streaming
  • PoE applications
  • Gaming consoles
  • Data centers

This is a brief introduction to the bulk cat6a cable, now let’s delve into the more depth of the cable specifications to know more about cable attributes.

What Is Plenum And Riser?

The physical appearance of the cable is made up of a plenum (CMP) or riser (CMR) to give extra protection to the cable during high temperatures. Resembling the same characteristics, still plenum, and riser jackets are categorized in their own domain.  First, let’s learn about the cat6a plenum jacket. 

As far as we know the plenum is a fire-resistant material made up of FEP-rated material that enhances the strength of Cat6a plenum 1000ft cable to withstand harsh conditions. The plenum is also a space in the building where airflow is high so the chances of fire ignition are more. For that, the plenum jacket is used to fulfill the fire safety standards of the cable. You can install plenum cables in drop ceilings and the HVAC system of the building. In case of a fire incident, the plenum cable releases non-toxic smoke and restricts the fire from spreading along the floor. In addition to this, the plenum cable is more likely to be used in outdoor installations due to its high-temperature bearing capacity. 

What Is Riser?

Just like the plenum, the riser jacket is denoted by (Communication Multipurpose Riser) CMR possesses fire-resistant properties but if we compare it with the plenum jacket the riser is very weak regarding fire safety. In fact, the Cat6a riser cable is used in non-plenum spaces of the building including inside walls and elevator shafts, and runs vertically along the multiple floors. In case of a fire incident, the riser jacket emits less toxic smoke.

The riser is made up of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and bears no strict fire safety specifications. Also, the cable cannot be used in plenum spaces but plenum cable can be used as a substitute for riser cable.

So, it’s obvious that you might be thinking about a bulk cat6a plenum or riser which is more suitable to buy. The answer is very simple: the plenum cable is quite expensive compared to the riser cables. Also, the Cat6a plenum 1000ft cable can be used for connecting multiple buildings – and can be used for outdoor installation. In contrast, the Cat6a riser cable is a cost-effective solution and can only be used within the building.

Pros And Cons of Cat6a Cable 1000ft

In this section, read about the advantages and disadvantages of the cat6a cable. The cable is designed to support fast networking for modern environments. 


  • High Data Transmission
    • Cat6a cable 1000ft is designed to deliver fast connectivity and provide the maximum gigabit speed of 10 Gbit/s. The cable is ideal to support high-bandwidth applications like video streaming, sending large files, and doing intensive tasks.
  • Improved Performance
    • The twisted pairs in bulk cat6a cable are tightly bound. This will help in reducing the crosstalk and also restrict outside interference to degrade your signal quality.
  • Backward Compatibility
    • The Cat6a plenum cable is backward compatible with its older version of Cat6. It uses an RJ45 connector and can be easily used as an alternative without upgrading your network.
  • Future Proofing
    • After buying and upgrading your network to bulk cat6a cable you will no longer require any upgrade in the near future as the cable will survive for a maximum of years without getting damaged.
  • Long Distance Support
    • The cat6a plenum cable can transfer data up to 100 meters of distance. So, this particular cable is used for longer-distance data transmission without any disturbance.


  • Cost
    • The bulk cat6a cable is quite expensive due to the tightly twisted pairs and additional shielding increasing the cost of the cable as compared to cat6 and cat5e cable.
  • Bulkier and less flexible
    • With additional shielding the cable becomes bulky and less flexible to bend so you might face some difficulty in installing the cable or need an expert.
  • Installation
    • Due to the lack of flexibility and bulky nature of bulk cat6a cable, you find it difficult to run cable in the sharp corner of the building hence, increasing the installation time and effort.
  • Not Appropriate For Some Applications
    • The cable is specially made for commercial and industrial setups. Running the cat6a plenum 1000ft in a small space (house or office) with minimum data requirements. Cat6a plenum cable is not suitable – but Cat6 and Cat5e can be used instead.

Why Do You Need Cat6a Plenum Cable?

Among all other cables, bulk cat6a cable is ranked at the top according to the speed and bandwidth speed. The 23 AWG diameter of the conductor makes its cable more suitable for longer runs. Furthermore, the entire cable length of bulk cat6a plenum delivers gigabit speed and whether you are using this cable at 100 meters or 50 meters you will get the same speed. 

Likewise, the Cat6a cable comes in a shielded variant to protect the cable from external factors (EMI or RFI). It is frequently used in data centers for seamless data transmission throughout the building. The cable is bulkier but after investing you will feel secure about the cabling structure. 

Ethernet Cable Near Me

In reality, we do prefer the nearest store for buying anything to save our time but this is not the same case with the bulk cat6a plenum cable 1000ft as you cannot buy it again if the decision is made wrong. So, it is recommended to buy from an authentic store whether online or by visiting the store physically. 

For online purchases look for the right platform that will cater to you with the best quality ethernet cable for your network needs. Also, make confirmation regarding the location, environment, and category you want to buy for the minimum chance of buying the wrong network cable.

Final Thought

Choose the best bulk Cat6a cable for your network to future-proof your network. The cable provides you with gigabit speed along with high bandwidth. Furthermore, the cat6a cable is backward compatible so you can use the older version of the ethernet cable without upgrading the entire networking structure. 

If you are looking to upgrade your cabling structure the cat6a plenum 1000ft cable is the best option to buy. You will get maximum output from this augmented category cable.