Easy Solutions To Sore and Cracked Nipples

Nipples are the most sensitive part of a woman’s breasts. We all know that these areas are erogenous zones and play an important role in precoital foreplay. This happens shortly after conception, when the milk produced by the ducts in the breast begins to be expelled from the puffy nipples

Babies have an innate ability to suck their mother’s nipples. They do so by pressing the nipple with the palate. For some women, especially those who are breastfeeding for the first few times, this can be a very painful process. You may enter.

Low milk supply is a naturally occurring phenomenon during breastfeeding. When the baby sucks on the nipple, milk is drawn from the nipple into the baby’s mouth. As a result, more milk flows from the ducts in the breast towards the nipple area. For most women, this process is quite normal. But if there is a problem with the process of letting the milk down, the baby has to suck hard on the nipple to suck the milk. This causes pain in the nipple. Difficulty in expressing breast milk in an infant can also occur if a woman has inverted nipples, that is, her nipples are turned inward.

Women who are breastfeeding for their first baby often don’t know the correct breastfeeding techniques.They may not be holding the baby properly. So the baby has to press on the nipple to get it. Improper feeding techniques include not placing a support under the baby (which causes the baby to feel uncomfortable in that position and swaying excessively), sitting in an inappropriate position while breastfeeding, and pulling the baby out of the nipple abruptly. pull apart, and so on. .

The baby itself may have problems. There is a congenital disorder known as ankylosis, which is commonly called tantai. Babies with this condition have a tight frenulum (this is the membrane that attaches the tongue to the bottom of the mouth). Such babies have a very limited tongue movement, which makes it very difficult for them to suck on the nipple.

If your nipples are sore and cracked, you should stop breastfeeding your baby for a while and see a doctor urgently. It can lead to bleeding from the baby. Breastfeeding with a bleeding nipple can be very dangerous for your baby. Most cases of sore or cracked nipples occur when a woman is breastfeeding her baby. But if you’re not breastfeeding and your nipples are sore or cracked, you may have a very serious problem with your breasts, including breast cancer. I have to.

Nipple soreness caused by improper breastfeeding techniques can be easily treated by simply being educated about proper breastfeeding techniques. If you don’t feel comfortable holding your baby while breastfeeding, the best thing to do is sit cross-legged on the bed. Sitting in a chair can make nipple pain worse. It is also recommended to keep the baby on your lap for support. You can put a pillow on your lap and keep your baby on it. This will make your baby more comfortable and won’t force you to suck on the nipple. Also, do not encourage your baby to suck on the same breast for long periods of time. Alternate between both breasts.

If you’re having trouble producing milk properly, don’t let your baby suck too much without first seeing a doctor. Your doctor may offer you several supplements to increase the amount of milk your breasts produce.One such commonly prescribed supplement is asparagus her racemosa. A supplement that contains Also, every maternity hospital has a counselor who can help you learn the correct way to breastfeed your baby so you don’t have to tug on the nipple.

Women with inverted nipples should consult a gynecologist before having a child.There may be ways to correct this problem with nipples.