One of the things that you will do when you start playing Dragon Nest M – SEA for the very first time is choose the class of the character that you will be using in the game. There are ten distinct classes to choose from, and each one has perks and drawbacks that are unique to itself. Your own preferences will determine the path you go next when choosing the class that you will use. Nevertheless, the Assassin profession is often selected by a large number of people.

It is a class that excels in hand-to-hand combat and specializes in battle at close to medium ranges. However, the assassin’s capacity for stealth as well as its skill in swiftly dealing damage to adversaries are what make this class such a popular choice among gamers. If you’re searching for a hand-to-hand combat expert who also has the ability to sneak up on enemies and launch attacks quickly, this is a fantastic class to play. But how exactly does one go about playing this class, and what specializations will be most suited for it when it has been completed? Let’s talk about this in this article, shall we?

The Available Specialization of the Assassin Class

Once you reach level 15, just like with every other playable class in Dragon Nest M – Sea, you will have the opportunity to choose a specialty for your character. You have the option of choosing either the Chaser or the Bringer specialty when you play as an Assassin class character.

The Chaser is the kind of specialty that places a greater emphasis on physical strikes and the ability to conceal weapons under one’s clothing before making use of those concealed weapons to finish off opponents. This is the sub-specialization that is most suited for players that like stealthy assaults, assassin weapons, and martial arts styles of combat.


Dragon Nest M Assassin class


The Assassin class evolves into the Chaser as a natural evolution over time. You may choose the Bringer specialty if you want to do something that is a little bit different from the typical assassin. This class places a greater emphasis on the use of chakra energies to deliver harm to foes while also providing support to teammates. The Bringer has two different faces, one that is bright and the other that is dark; the dark face is used for attacking, while the light face is used for supporting. As a result, this is a class that places a greater emphasis on employing energy strikes rather than traditional weaponry.

Players who would rather depend on their energy strikes than their arsenal of weaponry will find this to be an excellent choice. It is designed for players who have chosen the Assassin class but who do not like switching up their tactics or being stealthy during battles.

The Advancements of The Assassin Specialization Class

When you reach level 45, regardless of the specialty you now have, you will be forced to choose a new one and make a decision once again. You have a choice between the Reaper and the Raven when it comes to the Chaser. And for those who choose to become Bringers, there is the option of becoming an Abyss Walker or a Light Bringer (Light Fury). Your choice of which advancement to pursue in Dragon Nest M – Sea will be determined by the play style that you want to maintain for the foreseeable future. Each advancement offers something new to the table.

The Raven is the best choice for you to choose as a Chaser if you are someone who favors close- to mid-range combat and relies on concealed weapons to take down foes. The Raven is also not afraid of the dark, giving players access to additional weapons and abilities to utilize in their fights against adversaries and bosses. Choose the Reaper as your class if you are the kind of fighter that exclusively engages in close-quarters combat and fights adversaries with their fists.

This development places a greater emphasis on the usage of the character’s fist and the engagement in high-action and intense close combat using the character’s fists of fire. If you have decided to use the Bringer and would want to concentrate more on the negative aspects of its power, then the Abyss Walker is the better option for you. This progression utilizes the Bringer’s influence to wreak devastation on the battlefield with its decay assaults, going directly to the most sinister aspect of the Bringer’s character. Choose the Light Fury, however, if you are the kind of person who enjoys employing the more positive aspects of the Bringer and providing assistance to their comrades.


Dragon Nest M skill tree
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This development focuses on the light and making effective use of its impact to assist teammates in their fight. If you feel more comfortable playing a supportive role rather than a character who does damage, this is a fantastic choice for you to consider. Because very few players choose to take on a supporting position, the inclusion of the Light Fury on the squad is something that many other players consider to be advantageous.

The Weapons that An Assassin Will Use

The Types of Weapons That An Assassin Will Employ, Such As As is the case with every other class, the Assassin class will also have a selection of weapons that are tailored to their needs. You have the option of using either the scimitar or the dagger as your primary weapon. Because it is a curved blade, the scimitar plays to the assassin’s strengths while using their talents and capabilities. The dagger is much better, particularly if you plan to take use of the assassin’s ability to conceal weapons and then quickly strike adversaries with it once you’ve hidden it.

The crook is a bladed weapon that, in most cases, also has chains connected to it, and it is one of the secondary weapons available to the Assassin class. Additionally, it is a very effective weapon for the assassin, and it is quite simple to conceal.


A player who enjoys close to mid-range combat and prefers to do damage with stealth and quick strikes might consider playing as an assassin. This is one of the more enticing classes to pick from. However, as a result of its specializations and advancements, this class has shown that it is also capable of filling a variety of additional jobs. It is an excellent choice for those that like surprising their foes, doing significant damage, or providing assistance to other players.