Do you know about hair transplant? Read the guide to know the truth

We all have gone through the phase where we contemplate our decision on what to do and what not. The same situation happens with everyone who wishes to get a hair transplant from the board-certified hair surgeon in Punjab. Even if they don’t get bothered or think about the hair transplant cost, going through the internet sometimes they stumble upon different pieces of information which are not true to what they say. This is where the role of a medical expert like Dr. Mohan Singh comes into play as he is giving the successful treatment plan for hair transplant to various patients of Punjab and other parts of India. In this article, I would like to highlight important factors about hair transplant treatment, so that when you plan to get the treatment in Punjab, everything is much easier for you. Let’s get started.

  • Surgery is the permanent solution to save hair locks

Initially, you might choose the options like medications or some other treatment plan, but understand that its results are not going to last forever. It’s only the surgery that will help you get the best and effective results you are looking for. Just make sure to get your hair transplant treatment plan from an experienced surgeon in Punjab.

  • One session of hair transplant is effective but not for everyone

Understand that hair transplant treatment has to be done just once, but not for everyone. In certain cases, when the hair follicles are needed in excess then there is a need to get more than one session. With it, in later stages of life, an additional hair transplant might be needed. To know better about your condition, you need to schedule an initial consultation with the doctor.

  • Hair transplant is not cure

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and you cannot consider it as a cure. If your hair loss condition is progressive then it cannot stop future hair loss. Various factors have to be considered and this is what your hair expert will check on during the initial consultation. To embark on the best solution for you, you need to get yourself the right treatment plan by consulting the best hair surgeon.

  • Hair transplant costs depend on the hair grafts required

Your hair transplant treatment cost in Punjab will depend on the total number of hair grafts required for your hair loss condition. During the initial insulation, the doctor will check the degree of baldness and then let you know about the treatment cost which you need to pay.

Make yourself properly informed and plan accordingly

Following the hair transplant, you have to give yourself enough time to recover from this surgical procedure. At least one week you need to rest properly;y so that the results are visible and your condition is well-managed. After the surgery, you have to follow all the suggestions given by the surgeon and within 8 to 12 months the results will be visible.

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