Ditch Lock and Key Security. Commercial Door Access Control Systems are in Demand

Security is more important than ever. Homeowners spend thousands of dollars per year on home security systems. But what about businesses? You might be surprised to learn that many businesses, especially small businesses, have very little security on premises. The first mistake many businesses make is assuming that because they are a small business, they might be safe from robbery and theft. Many Main Street, brick-and-mortar shops still rely on lock-and-key systems. 

With uncertainty swirling all around, now is the time for every business to upgrade their security. Old lock and key systems aren’t going to cut it anymore. The latest commercial access control systems take your business’s security to another level. If the latest news and crime statistics aren’t enough reason to upgrade, here are five more:

  1. Relieve yourself of key problems. The biggest headaches of lock and key systems are the keys. How many times has a physical key gone wandering off with an employee? Why change the locks if a certain employee doesn’t return their keys after leaving your company? The best commercial access control systems can control active key fobs or cards with the push of a button. Managers will also love not having to carry a massive ring of keys when they can run the whole shop through one or two cards or fobs. Keys begone!
  2. Better protection for employees and customers. Security against outside threats has never been more important. Many of the cutting-edge security software packages offer programs to lockdown a property. If something bad happens outside, you can keep it outside through software on your computer or even an app on your phone. This will keep you and your valuable employees and customers safe. 
  3. Restrict access to sensitive areas. The systems supported by the latest software are smart systems. That means they are agile and adaptable on levels that older systems aren’t. You could program these systems to allow access to certain areas for only a few people. Say you have an area where sensitive data or large sums of money are stored. You could eliminate the risks of unauthorized access to these areas by switching to an access control system. Setting access control parameters for only the people that need to be in those areas is simple with these systems. 
  4. Keep a record of activity. Software-supported access control systems make it easy to keep track of who is coming and going. The data collected each time someone accesses your door systems will tell you who is where and when. This could prove useful if you are curious about the traffic of your business, or it could be vital evidence if something goes wrong.
  5. Reduced insurance rates. The latest commercial door access control systems could reduce your insurance rates. Insurance companies love it when their clients invest in security. The money you spend on upgrading your access control could be made back by simply talking to your insurer. It could be worth the insurance savings alone to think about ratcheting up your business’s security.

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