Discover the future of web database development with AI-Assisted Development

Discover the future of web database development with AI-Assisted Development. Unlock the potential of an OpenAI-powered web database, seamlessly integrating innovation and functionality.

1. Web Design Auckland

Embrace a digital transformation with the leaders in Auckland’s Web Design industry. Our dedicated team of designers combines creativity with functionality, delivering website design that resonates with your target audience. Stay ahead of the curve and enhance your online visibility with our responsive and cutting-edge designs at a great ROI.

2. Taskade – AI Tasks, Notes, Chat, Mind Maps

Taskade AI Agents are at the forefront of revolutionizing task management, offering a sophisticated blend of artificial intelligence and intuitive design. Seamlessly integrating into your workflow, these agents act as dynamic co-pilots, ensuring that your tasks not only get completed but are optimized for efficiency. They learn from your patterns, offering personalized recommendations and adapting to your unique working style. With a keen understanding of deadlines, dependencies, and project intricacies, Taskade AI Agents go beyond mere task management, serving as strategic allies in your quest for productivity.

3. Identify fonts from images for free

Explore the realm of typography with WhatFontIs, a game-changing tool that simplifies font recognition in images and on the web. This intuitive solution transforms the complex task of identifying fonts into a seamless and efficient process. Designers and enthusiasts can rely on WhatFontIs to accelerate their creative workflow and effortlessly integrate the perfect fonts into their projects.

4. Cross Browser Testing is your ultimate solution for seamless and efficient software testing.

With a robust and user-friendly platform, TestingBot empowers developers and QA teams to conduct automated and manual testing across a wide range of browsers and devices.

Experience the flexibility of executing tests in parallel, ensuring comprehensive coverage and swift feedback on your applications.

The platform seamlessly integrates with popular testing frameworks, offering unparalleled support for web, mobile, and desktop applications. Benefit from real-time testing, extensive debugging capabilities, and comprehensive test reports, all within a centralized and collaborative environment.

Elevate your testing workflow with, where reliability meets innovation, and ensure the flawless performance of your software in the ever-evolving digital landscape.Top of Form

5. RumbleTalk

Engage Anytime, Anywhere: RumbleTalk’s mobile compatibility means your community can engage on the go. It’s not just about stability; it’s about accessibility. Your stable chat room for WordPress is in the palm of your hand, ensuring that users stay connected wherever they are.

6. Download Free Fonts

UrbanFonts is a treasure trove of fonts for designers seeking inspiration and innovation. Explore a curated selection that spans various styles, allowing you to find the perfect typeface for your projects. Elevate your designs with fonts that capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

7. 24/7 WordPress WooCommerce Support Forum & Help

8theme’s support forum serves as a crucial hub for users of 8theme products, particularly popular for their WordPress themes and WooCommerce solutions.

The forum is a dedicated space for customers to seek assistance, troubleshoot issues, and share insights.

With active participation from both users and 8theme support staff, the forum fosters a collaborative environment.

Users can find solutions to common queries, access documentation, and receive timely support. The structured forum layout ensures discussions are organized, facilitating efficient problem resolution.

Overall, 8theme’s support forum enhances the user experience by providing a valuable resource for technical assistance and community engagement.

8. Make an awesome portfolio website

Pixpa is an all-in-one platform designed for creative professionals to build and manage their online presence seamlessly.

Offering website building tools, e-commerce functionality, and client galleries, Pixpa caters to photographers, artists, and designers.

Its user-friendly interface allows for easy customization, ensuring that individuals with various technical backgrounds can create stunning websites.

The platform also provides robust features like integrated blogging, client proofing, and e-commerce capabilities.

Pixpa stands out for its focus on visual content creators, providing a versatile solution to showcase portfolios and sell creative work online. Additionally, its responsive support and competitive pricing make it a compelling choice for creative professionals.

9. Best WordPress Knowledge Base Plugins

Are you in search of a knowledge base plugin for WordPress? A knowledge base plugin enables you to effortlessly publish documentation, tutorials, and how-to articles. It allows you to efficiently organize these resources separately from your blog and landing pages. In this article, we will present a few of the top knowledge base plugins available for WordPress that you can utilize.

10. Affordable SEO

Affordable SEO offers as the name says, affordable SEO services for a large range of companies.

They will help you with link building and search engine optimization.

Reach them out for a personalized solution.

11. Codester

Codester is a vibrant online marketplace offering a diverse range of high-quality digital assets for web developers, designers, and businesses.

With a vast collection of premium scripts, website themes, plugins, and graphics, Codester provides a one-stop platform for both seasoned professionals and beginners.

The marketplace fosters a community-driven environment, allowing users to buy and sell their digital products.

Codester’s intuitive interface, secure transactions, and regular updates make it a go-to destination for anyone seeking reliable, innovative, and customizable resources to enhance their web projects.

Explore Codester for a seamless experience in discovering, acquiring, and monetizing digital assets.

12. CuteFat Thick Display Font

CuteFat thick display font steps in not just as a typographic tool but as a design resource for logo designers, graphic artists, digital wizards, and web developers alike. This font not only captures attention but also retains it, adding value to your brand. Again, this heavy font is ideal for logo design, graphics, web development, product packaging, branding collateral, and children’s materials.

13. Total WordPress Theme 

Total is a powerful theme that you can use to design your site your way. The flexible visual page builder, ready to use patterns and even quick import demos make gettings started quick and easy. Plus Total is compatible with top plugins for added functionality like WooCommerce e-commerce, bbPress forums, ACF, ToolSet, LearnDash courses, WPML, TranslatePress and more. And if you are an experienced developer Total is great for client sites as it offers advanced hooks, filters, snippets and even extension plugins to allow you full control over what you create.