Creating Some Fun Backyard Play Areas for Your Kids

Summer has finally come to an end, and back-to-school season is right around the corner. Even so, the warm weather will last for a while longer, and your children will need something constructive to do with their free time other than video games and more “screen time.” It’s not that having an appropriate amount of screen time is always a bad thing. Spending time in front of computers, tablets, smartphones, TVs, and video games in the right doses and applications can help to stimulate children’s minds and even provide some important learning experiences.

However, the truth is that your children are most likely already exposed to excessive amounts of screen time. What is a positive way to limit screen time and get your kids outside? Make a space in the backyard for them to enjoy some outdoor playtime!

Ideas for Creative Backyard Play

Here are a few simple (yet fun!) activities you can plan for your children to enjoy right in your own backyard:

Children as young as 12 months can get a lot of pleasure from sticking to their toes in the sand. Older children dig sand too, and like to manipulate sand with various spoons, buckets, and outdoor toys.

Kiddie pool.

Children of all ages like to play water, especially on hot and bright days. Kiddie pool is relatively inexpensive, reusable repeatedly, and offers many opportunities for splashing good time!

Turn on the water hose

This is an alternative game of other water to fill the kids pool – turn on your garden hose! There are many fun attachments that you can use, and children really like to run through a water spray configuration in your backyard. It’s fun for your own children, and this is a pleasant opportunity to invite neighboring children too. Add to slip-n-slide (it’s not difficult to make it yourself if you don’t want to buy one), and you are ready for hours of excitement back courtyard!

Ban’s swing.

If you have sturdy tree legs, rope, and old tires, you have all the talents for the features of playing a good backyard. Be sure to have adults present every time children are ready to swing, to help watch things from the safety perspective.

Treehouse or Play Fort

If you have time and initiative to help install a backyard treehouse for your children, your love work can really pay some good dividends for years to come in terms of playing outdoors. Don’t have tools, skills, or patience to go all out with a tree house? You can also help your children collect their own land-based castle game. Be creative, and use whatever material you might have in handstick, branch, PVC pipe, canvas, tarpaulin, plywood, etc. Use your imagination, and push your children to use it too!

Campout backyard

Is there a campground nearby or not, and whether your children are ready for the true “rude” camping experience, you can still make your own backyard camp. All you need is a tent and a level, soft spot in the backyard. You can do the Overnighter itself complete by making some smores above the fire hole, and you can use a tent for some fun daylight experience during the fun day too.

Chalk art station backyard

Give the opportunity for your children to flex their creative muscles by establishing an outdoor art area. Have a paved road? Buy some sidewalk lime and let your children go to town. You can also put an outdoor weather resistant chalk paint on a smooth surface.

Come out with your children

Have a basketball goal? Go outside and shoot a few buckets with your children. Throw Frisbee. Kick the soccer ball. Walking nature. Just put down the cellphone, get it in the backyard with your children, and do something together!

Take them for Playground

Of course, at some point, your children might appreciate being able to enjoy some special outdoor activities outside your backyard boundaries. By all means, take them to the playground in a school, park, church, or the nearest community center near you. There is really a substitute for being able to take advantage of some well-designed, quality commercial play equipment. Here is a shortlist of benefits for children who come along with commercial playing experience:

Playing outside

Want an effective way to get your children’s faces from their screen? Simply collect everyone’s screens, and organize loose children on the playground! Before they know it, they will have some real fun outside, and they won’t even lose not on their screen. play with kids on Playground equipment, and also take care of the safety.

Health & Motoric Skills Benefits

Playgrounds get the hearts of pumping children, stretch their legs, move their muscles, and allow children to take in fresh air. In addition, a large playground to burn excess energy, too!

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