Causes of QuickBooks error 2002 and fixing procedure

QuickBooks is an accounting software that is serving millions of users currently. The software has simplified the payroll process by managing the employee data and distributing wages promptly. QuickBooks allows you to make direct deposits in the bank accounts and even keep a record of all this data for tax submission at the end of the fiscal year. Unfortunately, the software can sometimes develop issues while using the payroll service. QuickBooks error 2002 is a similar issue due to an incorrect PIN while making direct deposits or accessing the payroll data. If this error also bothers you in QuickBooks, keep reading the blog to find its causes and a procedure to terminate it from the software.

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About the error

This is a common payroll error that develops when incorrect user credentials are entered during creating a new data file or sending payroll data. User Credential here means the Personal Identification Number(PIN) for the security of your company file. The PIN is required to prevent unauthorized transactions from your bank account. You’ll receive the error codes if you enter an incorrect PIN, and you won’t be able to perform the task until the correct PIN is entered.


 Some other reasons that might play a significant role in developing this error are mentioned below-

  • The file you are using to send your payroll data is damaged due to corruption or a virus attack on the hard drive.
  • Some QB program files are damaged and are now unsupported due to a faulty download/installation of QuickBooks on your computer.
  • The Payroll service is not updated to the latest version.

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This method can help you resolve this error from your QuickBooks-

Solution- Change or Reset your PIN

An incorrect PIN is a major trigger for this error in the software; you won’t be able to make direct deposits and use many other payroll functions until you get a correct PIN. We have a method for you to reset your PIN, but you need to keep a few things in mind before proceeding-

  • You need to have your Admin login details, including the password.
  • The PIN should be a combination of alphabets and numeric between 8-12 characters.
  • The PIN shouldn’t have any invalid characters like #, $, %, etc.
  • In the past, you have sent payroll data from your system, and the company file you are using.

Now, follow these steps below to reset your Payroll PIN in QuickBooks Desktop-

  1. Open your QuickBooks and sign in as an Admin user.
  2. Click on Employees and select Send Payroll Data.
  3. A Send/Receive Payroll Data window will open, click on Send.
  4. In the next Payroll Service PIN window, click on Forgot your PIN?
  5. Enter the Admin Password and click Ok.
  6. Type a new PIN and click on Submit.

This will be your new PIN now, enter the PIN again, and you won’t face any errors now.


This is the end of our blog, we tried to explain QuickBooks error 2002 and the probable reasons it occurs in QuickBooks. The blog also consists of an accurate method to get rid of this error from the software.

If you need further assistance regarding this issue, consult a QB expert at +1 800-579-9430.

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