Business integration solutions by Quinnox to accelerate success

You can build a robust business and IT strategy with our exhaustive set of digital business integration solutions. Solutions provided by Quinnox are AI, integration, analytics, Digital customer experience, DevOps, Machine-learning, Modern Application Development to name a few.

Our proprietary business integration solutions and enablers built for SAP have been meticulously crafted to help our clients accelerate success in their journey towards an intelligent enterprise. One such enabler is gamification. Gamification transforms the way customers interact with brands through effective storyboarding and cranking up the engagement of customer experience management.

Another huge enabler is QSense. Developed by Quinnox, QSense is a platform that uses iBeacon technology to help businesses and facilities track their users’ journeys within their premises. It tracks metrics such as shopping or foot traffic patterns, inventory, and purchase behavior.

Why choose Quinnox business integration solutions? It’s because we co-innovate with our clients to build trustworthy enterprise systems that are people-centric and futuristic in nature. We are a trusted software partner network and work with leading companies like SAP, Calypso, MuleSoft, SoftwareAG, Salesforce, and more to deliver value. We create customized transformation roadmaps, which means that Quinnox’s extensive range of digital integration solutions are tailored to your transformation roadmap with great precision. We have proven results across the globe, our clients, who range from emerging start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, have benefited from our unique approach to digital transformation.

Our advisory team works with you to harness the right technology and create a sustainable enterprise. With the combination of artificial intelligence and human-centric design, we ensure that digital is interwoven with corporate strategy for continued success.

Our set of digital business integration solutions assists ambitious companies in achieving all their business and IT goals. Shape your future with Quinnox and partner with Quinnox to get the most out of your technological investments.