Build Your Own Ar-15: A Guide to Classic Lower Kits

If you’re looking to build your own AR-15, the best way to start is with a classic lower kit. These kits contain all the necessary components needed to construct a reliable and high-quality AR-15, including the lower receiver, upper receiver, barrel, trigger assembly, and other parts. In this blog post, we’ll provide a guide to classic lower AR-15 kits and explain why they are the perfect starting point for any aspiring gunsmith.

Tools and Materials Needed

Building your own AR-15 is an exciting and rewarding experience. Before you begin, however, you’ll need to make sure you have the right tools and materials on hand. At, we offer classic lower kits that contain all the parts and tools you need to build your own ar 15 kits. The kit includes everything from the lower receiver to the bolt catch, fire control group, and buffer tube assembly. You’ll also need a few additional tools, such as an adjustable wrench, punches, screwdrivers, and a vise block. In order to ensure a secure fit of the components, it is important to ensure that you have all of these tools before you start assembling your AR-15 lower kit. Once you’ve gathered all of the necessary tools and materials, you’re ready to get started on your project!

Building the Lower Receiver

The lower receiver is one of the most important parts of the AR-15, so it’s important to get it right when constructing your AR-15 from classic lower kits. Luckily, building the lower receiver is a relatively simple process that can be done with just a few basic tools. provides all the necessary tools and materials needed to assemble a custom AR-15 from AR 15 kits.

The first step in building your lower receiver is to attach the buffer tube to the lower receiver. This can be done with a vise, hammer and punch set, or other compatible tools. Once the buffer tube is securely in place, you can then install the lower parts kit. This will include the pistol grip, trigger guard, fire control components, and other parts. Ensure that all pieces are firmly attached and aligned before moving on to the next step.

After the lower parts kit is installed, it’s time to add the stock. To do this, insert the buffer tube into the lower receiver and use a castle nut to secure it in place. Place the stock over the buffer tube and slide it into the slot until it’s firmly in place. Finish off by tightening down the locking plate with a hex key or screwdriver.

With your lower receiver now complete, you’re ready to move on to assembling the rest of your AR-15 from classic lower kits!

Assembling the Lower Kit

Once you have all of your parts and tools ready, it’s time to start assembling your classic lower build AR 15 kit. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, assembling the lower kit is an important step in building your own AR-15 rifle.

Start by reading through the instructions included with your classic lower build AR 15 kit from, which can be found online. Be sure to read through each step carefully and take note of all the small details. Once you have a good understanding of how everything fits together, you’ll be ready to begin assembly.

Your classic lower build AR 15 kit should include all the necessary parts and tools, including the buffer tube, trigger, disconnector, and other components. Begin by installing the trigger and disconnector into the lower receiver. Make sure that all of these parts fit snugly and move freely before securing them into place.

Next, insert the bolt catch into the lower receiver and thread on the buffer tube. Be sure to check that everything is lined up correctly before tightening down the buffer tube. Insert the end plate and castle nut onto the buffer tube before tightening it down.

Finally, attach the stock to the buffer tube and use a flathead screwdriver to secure it in place. Once everything is tightened down and secure, you’re done with the lower kit assembly!