Bringing the Outdoors in with Modern Planters: Benefits of Indoor Plants

Whether you just love plants or are simply interested in this growing trend of biophilia and are wondering what the science says about bringing the outdoors in, here are some benefits of getting a few modern planters and arranging your interior spaces with appropriate indoor plants.

Clean Air
There is actually a word for this: it’s called “phytoremediation,” which refers to the process by which plants filter toxins from the air, improving overall air quality.

Plants are effective carbon sinks and are also hard at work cleaning the air through all hours of the day. Notably, they are effective at removing compounds known as VOCs, or volatile organic compounds.

You may have heard of some of these: toluene, benzene, and formaldehyde. They’re no good for your health, and plants are remarkable at purging the air of all of them!

And, don’t hold your breath (or maybe you should!) because the WHO reports that up to 30% of buildings worldwide, including new and remodeled ones, may have low-quality air.

Breathe Deep: More Oxygen
While humans and animals inhale oxygen and release carbon dioxide, most plants “inhale” carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

This occurs primarily at night during a process called transpiration, during which the plant absorbs gases from the atmosphere, exchanges carbon dioxide, and releases oxygen through small pores on the underside of its leaves.

Some plants are more effective at this than others, such as succulents and orchids, but nearly any houseplant has the potential to boost the quality of indoor air by releasing oxygen.

Regulate Humidity
It might seem like plants drink a lot, but they actually end up releasing up to 97% of the moisture they absorb directly into the air.

This is good news for anyone that has houseplants because indoor air tends to be too dry, especially in the winter months, where it can both cause and aggravate a wide range of health conditions.

Dry air can irritate the lungs and cause respiratory problems, as well as drying out the skin, causing itching, flaking, and cracking.

Fortunately, plants help to regulate indoor humidity between the ranges of 30% and 50%, which most experts agree is the optimal range, not only for health but for comfort.

Control Indoor Volume
Believe it or not, plants are actually remarkably effective at absorbing sound. This might be one of the reasons that it seems so quiet the moment you get into the woods!

But in all seriousness, this is not suspicion but science. Soft tissues like stems and leaves help to muffle and absorb vibrations, and even harder surfaces achieve the same ends, albeit differently.

Rough bark and other coarse woody tissue, with all their furrows and breaks, have what is called “dynamic surface area.” This dynamic surface area enables them to trap or scatter vibrations rather than amplifying them.

The result? Plants can keep loud, noisy rooms just a little bit quieter, mitigating stress and making them feel cozier, safer, and more welcoming!

Other Purported Benefits
In addition to these remarkable benefits of indoor plants, there are a number of others that are passing around in certain circles.

For instance, some report feelings of greater overall wellness when in the company of plants. Others feel uplifted moods or claim that they are more productive when in an environment that contains them.

Evidently, plants may be able to lower some people’s stress levels, too.

Where Can You Get Modern Planters for Your Home or Office?
Sold on the benefits of indoor plants? Ready to bring some of that greenery from the front porch into the living room? Could your office use a pick-me-up in the form of your favorite plants, suitable for indoor living, that could keep the noise down, improve air quality, and regulate humidity?

If so, check out the modern planters available online at They carry a wide range of modern designs in a huge range of colors, sizes, shapes, and even materials – plus, their planters are available either with or without drainage holes, making them perfect for indoor settings, too!

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