BeyondLife.Club institutes a paradigm shift in NFT Art Auctions

BeyondLife.Club (an NFT launchpad) has successfully completed its first-ever NFT launch on November 1, 2021. By doing so, it has revitalized the NFT Art Auction system.

Earlier, NFTs were just the ownership of any digital image/file. However, BeyondLife.Club uses the power of Ethereum Blockchain to focus on digitally rare artworks. In this article, we’ll learn about how they “managed” to effect such changes in the NFT Artspace.

What is BeyondLife.Club?

NFT admirers expect rarity whenever they engage with a set of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Also known as collectible enthusiasts, those guys don’t even mind paying heftily for rare-art NFTs. On the other hand, the creators can create a piece of rare art and tokenize it (on BeyondLife.Club – India’s first rare NFT auction platform). This type of token has unique attributes and rarity, just like the original artwork. 

Once the NFT is on BeyondLife.Club, creators can sell or even HODL as a long-term investment. Creators can either put their NFTs (on the marketplace platform) for an auction-style bidding process or sell them for a set price. Then, the buyers can sell the NFTs multiple times for a fixed price. It allows the original creators to receive money whenever there is a secondary or tertiary sale happens.

Amitabh Bachchan’s NFT launch

The Shahenshah of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan, has launched and sold his collection of NFTs for a whopping USD 9,66,000 (Rs. 7.18 approx). Madhushala NFTs – the prominent package of the lot – had received the highest bids worth USD 756000. The highest bidder also received a lucrative meet-and-greet session with the legendary BigB.

On the other hand, the Lootbox featuring five thousand unique art pieces, BigB punks, and vintage movie posters were sold at a total of USD 50000. 

“In this world of digitization, NFTs have opened a new realm of opportunities to engage with my fans even more than before. The successful auction of my NFTs, some of the most treasured and personal moments of my life and career were so well received and invested in by my supporters,” the 79-year-old actor commented on his NFTlaunch.

What makes BeyondLife.Club appealing for celebrities and brands?

Most NFT launchpads just focus on the NFT launches, however, BeyondLife.Club helps celebrities enhance their relationships with their hardcore fans and enthusiasts. The celebrities will get personalized communication channels to communicate with their fans. Through community platforms like Discord and Telegram, celebrities can engage their fans with personalized giveaways, contests, etc.

On the other hand, BeyondLife.Club will also accept brands and startups preparing to take NFTs into their business model. The launchpad simplifies the NFT launch (for startups) through a no-code NFT launchpad (powered by GuardianLink). Accepted celebrities (& brands) will receive custom-made launchpads (for their NFT projects) from where they can engineer their dream NFT launches.

BeyondLife.Club is a platform where collectors and the creators/artists can interact around their passion – that is, NFTs. Some of us love collecting rare things, don’t we? The idea behind BeyondLife.Club is facilitating the rare-art NFTs for those collectible enthusiasts. On the platform, the collectors/buyers can see the rarity score (of each NFT) that plays a vital role in enhancing the decision-making process.

Wondering who is? is an NFT tech facilitator enhancing numerous NFT projects (from across the globe) with their avant-garde technological concepts. Being a technological partner of Amitabh’s NFT launch, powered BeyondLife.Club with functionalities like the no-code concept, Anti-rip AI Spyder tech, legitimacy protocol, and much more.

The NFT technology provider is currently assessing the recently concluded Amitabh’s NFT launch. It hopes to partner with numerous ambitious NFT projects and bolster them!


Coming at the back of a high-profile NFT launch, BeyondLife.Club will be raring to have a go at their next project. As an NFT admirer, I think if they continue to pile up such prominent NFT projects, there will be none stopping them from becoming India’s best rare-art NFT auction platform.

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