Best Museums in Chennai with Bharat Taxi

Aside from the amazing people, incredible beaches, magnificent temples, and other architectural treasures, there are various museums in Chennai that you can visit during your vacation. The majority of museums house historical artifacts dating from the Pallava Dynasty until British rule. Enjoy best museums in Chennai with Bharat Taxi.

Chennai also boasts museums with contemporary art and historical items that appeal to millennials and help them grasp the modern technology that fascinates and interests them.

Take a peek at the eight most well-known museums with taxi service in Chennai.

Chennai’s Top 8 Museums

Vintage Camera Museum

This is the spot for you if photography is your hobby or passion. Vintage Camera Museum, located on East Coast Road, is a treasure trove of over 1500 cameras on exhibit that have been acquired since 1997. One intriguing detail about this museum, which makes it one of the top museums in Chennai, is that it was founded by Dr. AV Arun (a dentist by profession).

The museum features nostalgic photographs of Chennai from the 1960s and 1970s, and the camera collection includes anything from an 1870 Meagher film camera to modern-day high-end digital cameras. The museum also takes donations of cameras from visitors to add to its impressive collection, so if you have one to spare, this is the best place to do it.

Government Museum

The Government Museum houses a vast collection of Tamil Nadu’s ancient antiquities and antiques shown in 46 galleries. It is adjacent to Egmore Railway Station and is a good destination for those interested in learning about Tamil Nadu’s rich history and traditions. The Government Museum is one of Chennai’s largest and most well-known museums, with six galleries dedicated to prehistory, anthropology, archaeology, and numismatics. It also features a beautiful art department as well as a children’s museum.

Armors, decorations, coinage, and pottery from the Paleolithic era are displayed in the prehistoric exhibit, illustrating human lifestyles. The art section features Raja Ravi Varma’s masterpieces and traditional Tanjore, Mughal, and Rajput paintings. Finally, the children’s area has a science gallery, a dolls exhibit, and other activities to keep them occupied.


The Dakshina Chitra museum is the place to go if you’re fascinated by South Indian culture and lifestyle and want to see it up close. It is regarded as one of the top museums in Chennai and an exceptional living-history museum in Tamil Nadu. Dakshina Chitra is a heritage village that exhibits the art, architecture, culture, and way of life of the people of South India.

The museum, for example, has recreated Agraharas inside its grounds to portray how Brahmins lived in the past. The museum’s antiques collection includes textiles, kitchenware, everyday items from the past, murals displayed in homes, and knitted mats used for sitting and sleeping in the past. Dakshina Chitra is one of Chennai’s most well-known art museums for hosting all of these.

Fort St George Museum

The Fort St. George Museum, which exhibits over 3000 ancient items from all periods of contemporary history, is unquestionably one of the top museums in Chennai to visit. Fort St. George Museum, divided into three floors and ten galleries, houses various indigenous weaponry, a diverse collection of armors, a set of shells fired during World Wars I and II, British Army costumes, and more.

The museum also includes an comprehensive collection of Porcelain items, such as dinnerware and other items from the East India Company’s era. The museum’s lifesize portraits of Queen Victoria, Robert Clive, and other notable British politicians are housed in a separate Portrait Gallery. If you want to see the British Raj in India, Fort St George is the best museum to visit in Chennai.

Regional Railway Museum

A Regional Railway Museum in Chennai, similar to the Rail Museum and other museums in Delhi, showcases the history and progress of Indian railways. The Regional Railway Museum, a terrific location to see for all travelers exploring Chennai with family or friends, enthralls visitors with its diverse collection of steam engines used during the British era.

Aside from these, the museum features living models of meter gauge electric trains, Darjeeling Himalayan Railways, Nilgiris Mountain Railways, and numerous other old engines from before the modern-day machines were put into service. If you’re a railfan who wants to learn more about Indian railways, this is one of the best museums to visit in Chennai. Children may take a joy ride in a toy train at the museum, which also has photographs of high-speed trains from throughout the world.

Birla Planetarium

In terms of museums in Chennai, the Birla Planetarium, part of the Periyar Science and Technology Centre, is at the top. It consists of an awe-inspiring tiny model of the universe designed to pique the interest of all scientific enthusiasts and children interested in learning about space and beyond.

In addition, the museum has constructed replicas of celestial events with multimedia effects to interest children and educate them about numerous astronomical phenomena. In addition, the planetarium features an aluminum dome showing over 35 planetary activities for students to see and learn about. This museum is a terrific place to spend a day learning about our wonderful cosmos with friends or family.

Vivekanandar Illam

Swami Vivekananda resided at Vivekanandar Illam, or the House of Vivekananda, during his visit to Chennai in 1897. This magnificent structure, formerly known as the Ice House, sat majestically facing Marina Beach and was only renamed Vivekanandar Illam in 1963. You may learn about his life and teachings by visiting this magnificent museum and seeing the many phases of Swami Vivekananda’s life recreated through paintings and 2D holograms. Vivekanandar Illam is one of Chennai’s top museums, and a visit there will teach you a lot about the holy saint who put India on the map.

Click Art Museum

Have you ever fantasized about posing with a chimp, battling with Bruce Lee, or shrinking down to the size of an ant? All of this is conceivable in the mind-boggling The VGP Snow Kingdom is home to the Click Art Museum, a 3D art museum in Chennai. Create beautiful 3D art images here to explore the fun side of yourself. The museum has 24 art exhibitions, and each one comes to life as you enter the carefully placed frame next to each one.

You can soar like Superman, chop yourself in half, battle a bull, and even shrink to tiny size! The Click Art Museum is one of the top museums in Chennai since it caters to all age groups, including children and adults. So spend a fun-filled day with your friends and family at this museum and marvel at the enchantment that each art display unfolds. Book cab service in Chennai for travelling anywhere in the city.

Here is a catalog of the eight top museums in Chennai that are a must-see for anyone interested in Tamil Nadu’s history and heritage. Have you ever visited them? If so, please share your expirience in the comments section below.

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