Top Causes of infertility: Ovulation, Uterine Problems & Damaged fallopian tubes

Numerous couples face difficulty in conception because of infertility issues. So the couples who are trying to conceive want to know, “ Which conditions hinder the couples in their goal of conception?”

So if you are having the same question, then the Best IVF doctor is here to answer all your queries regarding the infertility causes:

Ovulatory Problems

In every menstrual cycle, a woman releases several eggs. The one which has ripened continues its journey through the fallopian tubes where it meets the sperm and becomes fertilized. The problematic conditions will arrive if the ovaries are not releasing the required number of eggs or if there is a problem for the eggs to get ripened.

Even many women do suffer from PCOS which stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This may hinder your goal of conception. You can consult the fertility experts of the Best IVF Centre In Moga if you want to get the best solution.

Uterine Diseases or Abnormalities

The uterus and its opening may have certain abnormalities which may not let you become pregnant. One such abnormality is uterine fibroids. These are benign tumors that may grow complicated over time and can make it difficult for you to carry a baby.


The endometrium is the tissue that grows inside of the uterus which gets filled with your blood just before your period. But in some cases, the endometrium starts growing outside of the uterus. This tissue could cover the ovaries and the fallopian tubes as well.

If you are having endometriosis, you will experience excessively heavy and painful periods. So it is quite obvious that you will face difficulty with conceiving and carrying a child. Gynecologists usually recommend hormonal therapy or other non-invasive treatments to make this condition even better.

Destructed Fallopian Tubes

Both eggs and sperm meet each other in the fallopian tubes. In case the fallopian tubes are damaged then the egg will not fertilize easily. But in case, the culprit of damage is STDs, the development of the scars, deformations, and abnormalities (structural and functional), may make it difficult for the eggs, sperms, and the embryo to move.

Early menopause

Though the age for menopause is 51 some women enter this stage earlier much before 40 years of age. This is called premature menopause. Since menopause cannot be halted or reversed, it is a hormonal therapy that can make you comfortable. In that situation, if you are trying for conception, then the donor eggs will help you.

Final Comments!

No need to worry if the aforementioned things are making it uncomfortable for you to conceive. You can consult with the fertility experts of the Gomti Thapar Hospital. They will help you to make your way through infertility. To make sure that the cost and the time-effective solution is available, consult the specialists at the earliest stage when you notice the mildest symptoms.

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