Best Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in Tagaytay

A quick get-away wouldn’t be complete without indulging in luscious food and cravings. You can level up your staycation experience in Tagaytay where restaurants don’t only cater to appetites, but these spots are also Instagrammable.

What’s Instagrammable? These are anything, any place that is worthy to take a picture and will surely catch the interest of Instagram users. Usually, users pick filter themes to make their photos matchy with each other, and restaurants are always included in this kind of post.

Asian-inspired, garden restos, and retro-themed cafes? A staycation near Skyranch Tagaytay is perfect for you and here is a list of must-visit restaurants around the foggy city in Cavite:

  • Bag of Beans – a well-known café chain that has multiple branches around Tagaytay, which 3 of it have a wonderful overlooking view of Taal Volcano. Their menu includes international cuisine and an all-day breakfast option aside from its aromatic coffees.
  • Memory Lane Country Diner – the right resto if you’re looking for someplace that has 50s and 60s vibes. Owned by singer actress Jolina Magdangal and named after one of her albums, this diner has a unique American colonial architecture and retro-style interior which is perfect for those who like to do impromptu photoshoots for their Insta accounts. They serve home-cooked meals and their specialties are tender-juicy baby back ribs, sinigang na lechon, Tagaytay bulalo and variety of desserts.
  • Café Voi La – a cool name from playing words of Vietnamese term “boi la” meaning “to cook with leaves” and French’s “viola” that is translated to “here is/ there are”. This resto did not only take a South East Asian inspiration for its exterior and interior aesthetic but as well as for their interesting fusion dishes.
  • Antonio’s Restaurant – features Spanish colonial themed design and architecture, this well-renowned diner in Tagaytay takes any customer back in time, through cuisine and esthetic. They offer international cuisine a little bit more expensive than other but is surely worthy. The restaurant implements a smart casual dress code for guests and requires reservation rather than taking walk-in guests.
  • Balay Dako – a Negrense term that means “big house”, Balay Dako is a large Filipino-Spanish colonial themed villa with an overlook view of Taal Lake. It can cater events because of its grand dining hall and an exclusive area on a balcony that has a view of their front garden. Different from its sister restaurant, Antonio’s, Balay Dako offers native Filipino cuisine and fusion dishes that are heavily inspired by various influences throughout the Philippine history. It works on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Enjoy your Tagaytay staycation to the fullest by visiting the city’s numerous Instagrammable restaurants and flex your experience through good photos which you can look back on to reminisce your short break away from stress and workload. You might also want to check out SMDC Wind Residences in Tagaytay that is near these popular, aesthetically pleasing restaurants.

If you want to learn more about the best Instagram-worthy restaurants in Tagaytay, read the infographic below from Staycation Tagaytay.

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