Six Steps to a thriving profession in furniture design

Six Steps to a thriving profession in furniture design

1. Find the Best Furniture Blogs & Books

Books are an excellent resource for knowledge as the history(Furniture shops in Sunderland) of furniture design goes back hundreds of years. Reading the best publications in this field can increase your understanding and expand your thinking.

Follow both local and international industry blogs when it comes to online publications and subscribes to corporate newsletters. Keep up with the latest industry news, exhibitions, and collections by checking magazines.

2. Get Design Inspiration All Around You

Each piece of furniture begins with an idea. Where do designers get their ideas from? Have you ever wondered what inspired Eames’ Lounge chair or its idea? The steel tubes from a bicycle inspired the Wassily chair! Studio 65 even managed to imagine a chair!

All artists face the constant challenge of finding inspiration. All creative professionals must keep their eyes open and absorb all the world around them. This will allow them to find inspiration and help guide their creativity.

Designers often draw inspiration from nature, culture, and other creative industries such as film, music, and fashion to help them develop a rough design idea.

The initial design concept and approach must be used as a basis for all subsequent ideas and decisions when creating furniture.

3. You can win the furniture owner’s heart and mind

It’s a sad truth of life, but it’s the driving force behind all designers. A product’s ability to attract attention and make a first impression with customers makes it attractive.

The appeal of a product’s looks can fade over time if it doesn’t have the right approach: providing a practical and valuable solution to a real problem.

The success of a piece’s design is determined by how the user interacts with it and how it serves its purpose.

Only when surrounded by a designer’s work can you appreciate its ability to combine beautiful aesthetics with maximum comfort?

Furniture designers must know who they are designed for, just like interior designers. Designers must consider user behavior, lifestyle, ergonomics, and other factors.

They must consider how customers will use the pieces they create, what time they’ll be using them, what they are looking for in a social setting, and what emotions they desire to experience.

The furniture you choose is like fashion. It reflects the owner’s personality and how they will use it. Is it a sectional with soft cushions that wrap around the whole family, including the dog, while they watch a Saturday evening movie at home?

Is this a chair that is a style statement? One that matches the elegant styling of the fashionista who sits comfortably on it.

4. Follow Furniture Trends or Make Your Own

The furniture industry(Furniture stores Sunderland) is like all creative industries. It has a cyclical nature. Older trends can be reinterpreted to create new trends.

Trends in furniture go hand in hand. They are closely linked to what is happening in interiors, fashion, music, and movies.

It’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest color trends announced yearly by large paint manufacturers and companies like Pantone. You can also look for new materials or production processes that could lead to new forms and finishes.

If you are a designer and want to follow the trends, it is a brilliant idea not to get too carried away. You’ll be able to create timeless pieces next year by maintaining a long-term identity.

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Furniture designers often choose not to align their work with current trends. This allows them to be original and break from the grain.

Your individuality could be the spark that ignites a new trend. It’s hard to believe that Charles and Ray Eames’ designs, which were innovative and ahead of their time, would be so popular with the masses.

No matter your approach, it is essential to understand the current industry context and how your work fits in.

5. Do not just build furniture, but create partnerships

Furniture designers are never able to work alone. It takes far too much skill to do it all by yourself. Interior designers and architects often subcontract furniture designers to create collections or designs for furniture brands. Clients may even commission them directly.

They work closely with suppliers and manufacturers to bring a design idea to life. These close relationships significantly increase a designer’s profile and bring in business via word of mouth.

6. Know Your Industry

A successful furniture industry professional requires a deep understanding of the industry and a thorough knowledge of its key issues.

Furniture companies are under increasing pressure, and many countries have legal obligations to design responsible furniture and reduce the environmental impact over the product’s life.

Processes….anything from using salvaged wood, recycled plastic, and fabrics, to upcycled scrap materials or waste products, to renewable natural resources like cork, bamboo or seagrass.

The responsible design includes ethical sourcing and fair compensation for artisans often based in third-world countries but employed by large multinational corporations.

These requirements will ensure that you are on the right side of law and public opinion. For designers, Fair Trade and green certifications are badges of honor and assure buyers that they have taken a responsible approach when designing.


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