Best Organic Cannabis for a Cozy Winter

The popularity of cannabis has increased since it became legal in some US jurisdictions. And as the days of cold are approaching, many people are getting hyped to get organic cannabis delivery in Washington, DC.

In this blog, let’s have a look at the top marijuana strains in Washington, DC. Cannabis strains here are perfect for winter as they help heal and can also be used for staying warm.

We have carefully chosen the top marijuana strains as determined by cannabis professionals and consumers. This page is everything you need if you’re looking for the best marijuana varieties in Washington, DC.

Sour Diesel

Our ranking can never be complete without mentioning strains, including the 90% Sativa and 10% Indica hybrid known as Sour Diesel. This excellent cannabis variety produces a high unlike any other. You can expect an explosive high and a surge of vigor and inspiration. In addition, the absence of couchlock makes it the ideal cannabis kind to consume in the morning or during the day.

Purple punch

One of the top-shelf cannabis strains that you can’t miss in the Colorado dispensary is Purple Punch. This indica-dominant combination can quickly put you to sleep with its powerful euphoria and severe head high. In addition to having a couch-locking effect, Purple Punch has energizing, sedative, and relaxing properties. You require it to successfully combat chronic pain, depression, appetite loss, and sleeplessness.

Wedding cake

A hybrid strain called Wedding Cake or was created by crossing Cherry Pie with Girl Scout cookies. It is renowned for its relaxing properties, fruity flavor, and pleasant scent. One of the best marijuana strains to choose from is Wedding Cake, which can help you manage the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and depression, among other conditions.


Mimosa Purple Punch OR biscotti gushers strain and Clementine were combined to create the hybrid strain Mimosa, which has a strong Sativa component. Its Sativa traits make it the ideal marijuana strain for use in the morning or even in the evening. You will be able to unwind and relax after the difficulties you had during the day.

Mimosa is one of the top cannabis strains with a THC content of roughly 27% and is used for recreational and therapeutic purposes. It is also excellent for treating anxiety, motion sickness, tension, and mood changes.

These are the best cannabis flowers you can get from organic cannabis delivery in DC at the best price. So, place your order with a reliable dispensary and get cannabis at your home.