Behind the Grill: The Art of Tandoori Cooking on Wheels with Tikkas and Takkos

Houston’s culinary scene is renowned for its range, supplying an array of flavors from round the arena. Among the high-quality meals vehicles in Houston, Tikkas and Takkos sticks out as a completely unique and unforgettable revel in. At the heart of their culinary prowess is the historic art of tandoori cooking, delivered to lifestyles on wheels. In this weblog, we will unveil the secrets in the back of the grill, exploring the artwork of tandoori cooking with Tikkas and Takkos, and how it contributes to their reputation as one of the city’s pleasant food vans, providing the satisfactory low cost catering services.

The Tandoori Tradition

Tandoori cooking is a traditional method originating from the Indian subcontinent, recognized for its use of a tandoor, a clay oven that reaches sizzling temperatures. Tandoori delicacies is characterized by using marinated meats, vegetables, or bread, cooked to perfection with the unique taste imparted with the aid of the searing warmth and smoky environment of the tandoor.

Tikkas and Takkos: A Tandoori Twist

Tikkas and Takkos has masterfully included the artwork of tandoori cooking into their fusion of Indian and Mexican cuisines. Here’s how they have got taken this historical culinary lifestyle to the streets of Houston:

Tandoori Tikkas: The marinated meats, consisting of chicken and paneer, are cooked inside the scorching tandoor, infusing them with a smoky flavor and a gentle texture. The end result is an explosion of bold and fragrant spices in each chunk.

Authentic Technique: Tikkas and Takkos stays true to the genuine tandoori technique, using the clay oven’s excessive warmness to fast sear the exterior while preserving the juiciness of the components.

Unique Fusion: By combining the tandoori cooking technique with Mexican-stimulated elements, they have got created a fusion delicacies it truly is a real masterpiece. Tandoori chook finds its way into tacos, quesadillas, and burritos, including an Indian twist to traditional Mexican fare.

The Tandoori Experience on Wheels

The secret to Tikkas and Takkos‘ fulfillment is not simply their use of tandoori cooking, however their commitment to creating this unique experience available to all of us.

Budget-Friendly: Despite the artistry and authenticity at the back of the grill, Tikkas and Takkos stays devoted to imparting less expensive catering services. Their menu caters to diverse budgets, ensuring that anyone can savour the tandoori delights.

Mobile Magic: Tandoori cooking on wheels brings a feel of pleasure and surprise to any occasion. Whether you are enjoying their food truck at a pageant or catering your event, the sight of the tandoor in motion is charming.

Customization: Tikkas and Takkos offers the option to personalize your catering revel in, allowing you to tailor the menu for your precise event. Whether you are planning a big gathering or an intimate affair, their flexibility guarantees your visitors are overjoyed.


Tandoori cooking is an artwork that has transcended time, and Tikkas and Takkos brings this timeless subculture to the streets of Houston. With the perfect mixture of Indian and Mexican flavors, this food truck has earned its place a few of the satisfactory meals vehicles inside the town, at the same time as nevertheless offering the first-class low-priced catering offerings. Whether you’re captivated by way of the searing heat of the tandoor or the mouthwatering fusion dishes it creates, Tikkas and Takkos has some thing for anyone, and they may be ready to deliver the tandoori experience to your event. Don’t omit the possibility to have fun with this culinary masterpiece on wheels.