After-Build Cleaning at the End of a DIY Renovation Can Be Long and Arduous

Tackling a home renovation project can bring a rewarding feeling of accomplishment and pride in a job well done and not only for the cost savings DIY can generate.

But does anyone really enjoy all the cleaning up afterwards? It can seem to go on for what feels like eternity, especially if the job has created a lot of construction dust.

Dust from construction hangs in the air and finds its way under skirtings and in between floorboards where it can lurk and seep out gradually for weeks. Even the best domestic suction cleaner can’t get rid of it all.

Then there are the unavoidable scuffs, stains, tiny and unavoidable paint splatters and remains of sticky label adhesive on glass. It all means weeks of post-build cleaning. Search the web and you’ll find any number of tips and comments on after-build cleaning of which the following are just a small selection.

All surfaces, including ceilings and walls, have to be cleaned a few times a week.

Immediately after construction don’t sweep floors with a broom. Vacuum them instead, even if you have hardwood and tile floors. Try vacuuming every day and mopping the floors every other day. Dry dust or sweep all walls and follow up with a wet wipe of the entire area. It’s necessary in order to remove the harmful drywall or sawdust left clinging to surfaces after construction.

Use cleaning solution and towels to remove paint splotches Gebaeudereinigung and spills from hard floors, carpet, trim and windows. A razor blade or other scraping tool can be used for windows and trim if needed as well.

Apply rubbing alcohol to labels on appliances

Apply rubbing alcohol to labels on appliances and windows in order to remove them completely without damaging the finish. Clean out all garbage, scraps and putty from inside cabinet, corners, tubs and other areas completely.

Use a pail full of warm water with a cup full of vinegar added. Mop the floor thoroughly and allow it to dry. The floor should be inspected for plaster dust or an overall dull-looking appearance. Mop the floor again, if necessary.

While all this may be both valuable and necessary, really life’s too short!!!

All this work afterwards for the householder who has spent weeks juggling family, job and major home renovation project can add weeks before the job feels completely done and can also diminish the pleasure of enjoying both a job well done and the enhancement to the home that was the point of it all.

There’s one easy solution, which is to get in a specialist after-building cleaning company to do an in-depth and thorough job. They will have the specialist, more powerful tools and equipment to do the job properly and completely in much less time. Offering an after-build domestic clean could also provide a new business opportunity for companies Geb√§udereiniung in this field.

While most after-build cleaning work tends to target either new-build or extensions on big construction projects such as offices, hospitals, schools and public buildings, offering a smaller, affordable package for home owners could be a valuable extra income and service to add to the business.