African Jewelry – A Unique Expression of Culture, History and Spirituality

African jewelry is an artistic representation of African culture, history and spirituality across the continent. African jewellery includes an assortment of materials used in its construction.

Beaded jewellery is a tradition among most tribes and often represents wealth, beauty, tradition, marital status or coming of age for each particular culture. Beads may symbolize wealth, beauty, tradition or marital status – or they could simply represent beauty itself!
Berbers and Tuaregs

African jewelry is handmade using various materials such as carved stone, paper, wood, ivory, animal hair and beads. Each handmade piece has special significance for the wearer – for instance a necklace with upward-facing triangles represents female wearers while two downward-facing triangles indicate males. Black symbolizes marriage and rebirth while yellow stands for sun worshipping and gardening.

Bold Africa-inspired pieces work best when worn solo; too many different elements may create an overly-complicated look. If you must combine multiple African items on yourself, keep it to one bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings and rings at most – bib and shoulder wrap necklaces make great statement pieces when worn alone.