Advantages of social media advertising for your small business success

Social networks are now part of our daily lives. They have changed our purchasing behavior. How we consume products and services is often determined by platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest. It is true that we use them mainly for personal purposes. What about your business? Have a look at some of the important points of Advantages of social media advertising for your small business success.

Here are five good reasons to be present about the Advantages of social media advertising:

According to the latest studies, there are more than 4.5 billion Internet users in the world, or 58% of the world’s population. And there are 3.7 billion users of social networks, or 48%.

In France, we rely on:

  • Facebook: 46.9 million active visitors per month
  • Instagram: 28 million visits including 11 million per day
  • LinkedIn: 16.8 million per month

In view of these figures, we can see that social networks make it possible to reach a large target. All companies (regardless of activity or size) should therefore benefit from it.


1. Visibility

It is important to be visible on social networks. Through the implementation of good practices, the choice of good networks or publications that create interaction with users, you make your brand more and more visible. You thus ensure a modern and dynamic corporate image.

The presence of brands on social networks has become essential. It is a means of communication at a  lower cost  but with a much more interesting return on investment.


2. Promoting your employer brand

Networks can also help you in your recruitment process. Via professional networks, such as LinkedIn. You  enhance your employer brand  through your page with professional information about your activity. Have you thought about opening your account on Google My Business? It’s a free and easy to use tool with the advantage: Improve your local SEO with the help of latest on-page and technical SEO techniques. Moreover you can get help with some of Powerful Websites To Learn Digital Marketing

In addition, you can also launch recruitment campaigns directly by posting job offers on your page and by searching for profiles of the candidates who match you the most.

3. Improve the customer relationship

Social networks are tools that allow you to create links with your target audience. With posts, you can interact, address current customer concerns, and even reach potential customers.

Use social networks to share ideas, inform, educate or promote your products and services.

Make your business page a real  customer relationship and loyalty tool . With a regular publication rhythm, you allow your subscribers to give their opinion on certain subjects. It can add credibility to your business.

4. A sales area

This is a new space for selling your products and services. When you carry out commercial operations such as promotions, sales or the end of series, social networks can be your great ally .

Indeed, your subscribers can relay the information to their circle of friends and thus share tips.

All of this can be done at a lower cost , as this is another advantage of being present on social networks.

If you compare the advertising on the so-called traditional channels, E-advertising is not only very personalized but it is also very economical.


5. Analysis of results in real time

To improve and optimize your investments, it is important to know how to measure and analyze. Social networks, thanks to the “statistics” tabs, can provide the results of your advertising campaigns, for example.

Then comes the question of whether you want to do it alone or whether you need to hire a professional to help you manage your pages.


You have understood: social media is an asset to develop your business. Including them in your communication strategy has become essential.

There are many benefits for your brand to be present on social networks. It is therefore obvious that it is a long-term job. It takes time, patience and experience. Fortunately, you have the possibility of being accompanied by a digital communication professional  : do not go around in circles; call on a Community Manager!