AdvancedMD EHR vs Sammy EHR: Which One Gets Along With Your Needs?

There are many clinical solutions available in the EHR market. Some vendors provide specialty-specific functions, while others offer multi-specialty services. Each EHR type has special significance. Multi-specialty solutions are available for all practices. However, not all vendors are able to be used in all practices. Because every medical practice has different needs, a solution must be tailored to them.

We will now discuss the differences in the feature sets for both EHR types using AdvancedMD and Sammy EHR software. AdvancedMD, a medical billing platform that supports multiple specialties, is Sammy. Sammy is a podiatry-specific EHR platform. AdvancedMD is an integrated platform for medical billing. In this AdvancedMD vs Sammy comparison, we will show you how these two systems work in real-time healthcare settings. This AdvancedMD vs Sammy EHR Comparison will begin by examining the feature range. Next, we will look at the pricing and reviews for both solutions.

AdvancedMD EHR Features:

Practice Management:

AdvancedMD EHR software’s PM module is comprehensive. This module integrates workflow with a variety of automated tools to manage the business side. The solution fosters positive employee experiences by simplifying the work of front-end desk managers. The solution delivers enhanced billing and scheduling results with best-in-class revenue cycle management and appointment booking modules.

EHR Overview:

AdvancedMD EHR includes an extensive EHR module at a very low price. The EHR module does more than just manage patient records. The EHR module unifies all patient records by becoming paperless. You can use services such as task donuts., patient cards, and task donuts. This is to make it easy for all medical professionals to seek guidance when dealing with complex patient cases. Multi-provider practices can also use immunization reporting and patient rooming features. read also about: Racheal Hooks


It is difficult to manage the billing cycle for multi-provider healthcare organizations. Finance managers must take in each invoice one after another; claims and invoices are susceptible to errors. AdvancedMD EHR software has a robust billing module that helps to solve this problem. Moreover, billing and claims management are made easier by integrated clearinghouses, claims centers, and A/R control centers. To handle large patient volumes, you can also use statement mailing and credit card processing services.

AdvancedMD EHR Price:

AdvancedMD’s cost structure reveals its true nature. AdvancedMD EHR software demonstrates that it truly cares about all medical practices, regardless of their size. Two pricing options are available from the vendor. AdvancedMD’s pre-built cost bundles are expensive, but providers have the option to choose from configured bundles. AdvancedMD offers cost bundles that range from $429 to $729 per month. The EHR users can also avail of a per-concept cost facility that ranges from $1.442 up to $2.18.

AdvancedMD EHR Review:

This AdvancedMD vs Sammy guide reveals that clients who use AdvancedMD EHR leave satisfied reviews. They say it charges a fraction of what other vendors charge. This vendor offers better care outcomes due to its patient education resources. AdvancedMD has received positive reviews from clinicians. They don’t need to search for patient records multiple times. AdvancedMD EHR is also well-received by users. Reviews indicate that AdvancedMD EHR makes it easier to manage bills and make care records more accessible.

Sammy EHR Features:

EHR Overview:

Sammy EHR has a robust EHR management system. Although it lacks sophisticated tools such as task donuts and physicians’ dashboards, it still works flawlessly. SammyEHR reviews show that podiatrists deal with tendons, and muscles and can attach imaging and ultrasound reports directly to patient charts. Providers can easily access patient history in a matter of seconds.

Practice Management:

SammyEHR offers a simple dashboard that makes managing podiatry workflow easy. It is flexible to the needs of podiatrists and presents all important details in one place. The view chores list lists all daily tasks, which helps to improve workflow management. The appointment scheduler allows you to set appointments according to your time slots. Front-desk staff can also use the patient demographic service to help with patient intakes.


SammyEHR’s billing services make it worth the investment. SammyEHR shapes the billing workflow by solving all challenges and mitigating them. SammyEHR’s intuitive billing services make it easy to create and share invoices. SammyEHR offers claims handling services that are paired with preservice eligibility checks. This helps to keep denials down to a minimum. SammyEHR’s features make it possible to eliminate the need for expert administrators. This reduces the clinical staff’s workload and saves revenue.

SammyEHR Pricing:

SammyEHR’s pricing structure is supported by a monthly subscription per customer. SammyEHR’s pricing structure is very attractive, according to most clients. Although the vendor charges only $359, it offers the best services to manage your clinical workflow within this price range. SammyEHR is the only podiatry solution that offers such an all-inclusive pricing package. SammyEHR offers customized pricing for podiatry practices. To receive a specialized quote, users must submit requests.

Sammy EHR Review:

This AdvancedMD vs Sammy software comparison guide is your chance to review SammyEHR’s reviews. Customers say that the vendor offers top-quality care services. Its excellence is undisputed. SammyEHR’s task management service is a shining example of excellence and has received high praise in reviews. SammyEHR reviews also show that customers are satisfied with SammyEHR customer service. The support team is responsive. The innovative features of SammyEHR caught the eye of podiatrists.

Ending Ment:

This AdvancedMD EHR vs Sammy EHR Guide shows that there is a significant difference in the features of specialty-specific and multispecialty solutions. AdvancedMD EHR software, for example, offers a wider range of innovative and compelling features. This software allows practitioners to tap into their full potential by simplifying and managing all aspects of clinical operations. SammyEHR’s feature list is limited to podiatrists, according to reviews. It’s designed for podiatry and allows the attachment of ultrasound records to patient progression notes. It also has podiatry-specific medical codes.