A Complete Method to get a Refund in the Account for Antivirus Subscription

Antivirus is an important application for every system. Using antivirus assures the user that the device is protected from all threats. Several free and paid antivirus plans are available for good device protection. In free plans, you can install the setup and use the tools easily. For the paid plans, you have to purchase the subscription and then activate the antivirus account. You can get monthly or yearly subscription plans on antivirus. After the subscription expires, you have to renew it for using the tools. You can manually renew the subscription of your antivirus. Many of the antiviruses also offer auto-renewal services. Once you provide the payment details, your antivirus subscription will get renewed every time before the expiry date. If the plan is auto-renewed but you are not using it then claim the refund. 

How to cancel McAfee subscription and get refund?

You can cancel the subscription of your antivirus from the dashboard directly. If you have setup installed on the system then use the dashboard for cancelling the subscription. 

  1. Go to the computer and open McAfee antivirus
  2. Tap on the My Info page
  3. Click on the subscription window
  4. Your activated plan will appear
  5. Check the plan and select the Cancel button

You will be redirected to its website. Open the profile page and choose subscriptions. You will see all plans under your account. Select the plan to cancel. A confirmation wizard will appear on the screen; select Yes and choose the Refund option. Once you cancel the plan, you will receive the Refund in a few days.

You can only receive a refund when the plan is under the refund policy. Your antivirus only provides a full refund if you cancel the subscription within one month of activation. Not all plans offer refund services. You must check all the policies before applying for a refund. Whenever you get an auto-renewal message but you don’t need the plan then cancel it immediately. 

Cancel your auto-renewal plan from your online account

If you don’t have the setup installed on the device then you can cancel the subscription from its only account. You can go to its official account and cancel the plan.

  1. Open the browser and go to the official website
  2. Click on the Login button and enter the details
  3. Your profile page will open
  4. Now click on the subscription window
  5. Choose the plan and select the cancel button. Click on the confirm button and check the refund details. After cancelling the plan, you can’t use any of the paid plans. 

Cancel the subscription on Android device

Plan antivirus plans are also available for Android devices. But you can only use those antivirus plans that are available on the play store. To install another app, you have to change some settings. If you have purchased the antivirus from the Play Store then use it for cancelling also. 

  1. Open the Play Store on your system
  2. Click on your profile
  3. Select Payments and Subscription window
  4. Choose Subscriptions
  5. All subscribed applications will appear on the screen
  6. Select your antivirus plan and scroll down
  7. Hit on Cancel button

A refund message will appear; select Confirm button. Now go to the antivirus and check the subscription. You will see Expired status. Now you can only use the free tools of the antivirus. You will get the refund in a few days. 

Cancel your subscription on iOS

  1. Open your iOS device 
  2. Click on the Profile page and select Apple ID
  3. Choose the Subscription page
  4. You will see the Apps list on the screen
  5. Select your antivirus and tap on the Cancel button
  6. Choose the refund option and select the confirm option. After cancelling, you will get a refund for your antivirus.

Many programs don’t provide refunds on cancelling. If your plan is not providing the refund then you can try transferring it. Transfer it to the device that required a security tool. Also, cancel the subscription to disable the auto-renewal. After cancelling, you can use the tools of your antivirus easily. All tools will run until the expiry date. After expiry, your antivirus won’t renew and you can uninstall the plan from your system. If you require the antivirus in the future, install the setup and renew the subscription manually. 

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