A Complete Guide To Post Property Selling Advertisements on RealEstateIndia.com

Selling any possession whether commercial or residential could be strenuous if not followed by some crucial steps. Selling a possession requires some major steps without which property selling can be extremely complicated. Advertisement is indeed one of them. Though in previous times, it was important to post an advertisement well, in the recent digital period, promoting a property well holds special significance for getting potential buyers.

Though there are miscellaneous platforms available on the internet for posting property selling advertisements, realestateindia.com is one of the renowned among them. With the help of this leading portal, anyone can get the best potential buyers for their possession. But to reach out to the maximum potential buyers and to get the best price, you need to post property advertisements with maximum proficiency.

Posting property advertisements to sell property online is not a susceptible taskespeciallyif you’re inexperienced. You need to follow some particular steps and guidelines to make your desired post gets published. Therefore, in this article, we are attaching some vital steps for posting property selling advertisements. If you follow this guide, getting your desired price and buyers for your property would not be an arduous task.

Login or Sign In

The first step of posting any property selling advertisement is none other than the login process. If you already have an account on real estateindia.com, you just need to open the website and log in to your account by utilising your username and password.

If you don’t have an account, you need to create an account by signing in andfollowing the required steps. To create an account you need to fill in all the required details like your name, address, phone number, email id, property type etc.

Select The Category Of Your Property

The next major step of posting a property selling advertisement is nothing but the proper selection of the category of the property you wish to sell. To select your property type, click on the ‘sell’ button and choose the type of your property. Whether it’s a residential property, commercial property, a flat, or a house or villa, select accordingly. While filling this segment, be cautious because this is the primary description of any property that would be shown to the customers.

After finishing the selection of the category of your property, click on ‘begin to post your property. If you’re an owner and want to post an advertisement on your own, select the ‘owner’ button. If you are an agent or broker, please attendto the respective choices to continue.

Describe the Property Well

After selecting the category of your property, now it’s time for adding the descriptive details of your property. To add the location of your property, enter the house number, street name, pin code, city, state, post office, police station and major landmarks near it. Always remember that the geographical position of your property is extremely important for selling property online.

Adding the proper details would help the buyers to understand the accurate position of your property. Additionally, real estateindia.com can offer pertinent leads by using these data. For instance, if your property is located in Thane, Maharashtra, you would only get offers from buyers who wish to buy aproperty inthat particular region.

Profiling of The Property

The next crucial step is the profiling of your property. The profiling of property needs the proper filling of detailed information about the property you wish to sell. After the accurate profiling of your property, click the ‘continue’ button for the next step.

Images of the Property

The most crucial part of posting a property selling advertisement in this digital era is nothing but adding some high-resolution clear picture of your property. While clicking the pictures, concentrate on the cleanliness and visibility of your property. Make sure that all the rooms are clean and bright enough to be seen in the images. The better pictures you upload, the better buyers you can get for your possessions.

The Desired Cost

The final step of posting property selling advertisements is adding the desired price of your property. While determining the price, keep the market rates in mind. For getting more better results you can present a relatable assessment of similar properties and decide a logical price rate. Don’t forget to add any additional charges if there are any. Always try to keep the price as per the market rates because overriding can lead to the loss of potential buyers.

To complete your advertisement, add a description of your property within 5000 words to make your advertisement unique and to get better visibility. So these are some of the major and crucial steps forposting property selling advertisements to sell property online on realestateindia.com.

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