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  • A Brief Guide To MBP INC & Hamilton

    Are you Looking for a good lab products provider, offering Conductive filters and other equipment of the best quality? So we’re glad you came to the right place! In this blog, we’ll come up with the information, including the detailed theory of MBP INC & Conductive Filter Tips by Hamilton. 

    MBP INC.

    We are starting with the basic product details of MBP INC. If you’re hearing this name for the first time, some questions would be around your mind, and we’re aware of it. Such as what does it provide? Is it trustworthy? What kind of service can we receive from them? Where they’re located and so on! Don’t worry; you can find the answers below through the remaining blog!

    So basically, if we’re talking about MBP INC. It was founded in 2002. What they provide are Molecular Biology products. Their customer service is considered the most efficient whereas their products are highly recommended due to their high quality.

    MBP Inc.’s headquarter are located in Toronto, Canada. You can find out more about them and visit their locations. However, you can visit their offices which are to be known in the U.S.A, South Asia, and the Middle East. 

    MBP Inc. is a part of the international market, spreading its services in various places. Due to its reputation in the market, the company has gained trust among its clients. Their trustworthy team, research partner, and the whole staff have bought MBP Inc. this far. They hope to grow more and take out different solutions for the science industry. 

    Hamilton Company

    As we’ve almost covered most of your questions in the above details, let’s move toward the specific company output: Hamilton and its product Conductive Filter Tip! 

    Before getting into the direct information regarding the product, we would like to give you a short intro to Hamilton so you would be well aware of what you are reading.

    Hamilton is a well-known company that has been a part of the international market for the last 60 years. It is a manufacturing company that develops and customizes measuring tools. Hamilton is divided into categories which are; automated liquid handling workstations and sample management systems. Their offices are spread worldwide, whereas their headquarters are mainly located in various places such as; Reno, Nevada. Franklin, Massachusetts. Timișoara, Romania. Bonaduz, Switzerland.

    Conductive Filter Tips By Hamilton

    We are coming towards our main topic, which is Conductive filter tips. Here we’ll give you detailed information about 300ul Conductive Filter Tips Hamilton. We’ll now start with a short intro to conductive filter tips & their role in scientific labs.

    What are conductive filter tips? Conductive filter tips are used to prevent carryover in automated pipetting robots. 

    Now we are about to move towards the specifications of 300ul Conductive Filter Tips Hamilton. It has a Standard tip type; 300 μL tip volume so as maximum Tip Capacity; 300ul. They’re not free from microorganisms that are Non-Sterile. The Rack Recycling Code of a 300ul Conductive Filter Tip is five, whereas the tip Recycling Code is the same. The Pipetting Compatibility can be defined as 1000 µL channel – 96 MultiProbe Head, and the tip material is Polypropylene. The color of a barcode label is yellow.

    Moreover, if we talk about its purity level, it’s Free of DNase, RNase, Pyrogen, Human DNA, and PCR inhibitors. Hamilton does provide the Packaging Option; Blister 96 Tip. Adding-up Case Size, which is probably; Blister 5 x 96 tips per rack. Also, be aware of the Orifice Size, which is 0.4 mm & Tip Length of 59.9 mm.


    You might be thinking about how the above details benefit you, and other than gaining a general knowledge in this field just for your interest in it. If you’re a part of life science labs, this knowledge is quite beneficial for you to be aware of good quality lab equipment. Also if you are thinking of buying 300ul Conductive Filter Tips Hamilton, you can get it from us at an affordable price.

    We’re glad you came this far in the blog, and we hope we’ve covered all your questions and confusion in our above details! Please stay connected with us to get more interesting blogs on great topics.

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