6 Ways To Make Branded and Customized Candle Boxes

Candles are considered the symbol of peace, relaxation, hope, and decorations of your place. Therefore, the use of candles in our lives is never going down, and people are still figure-out to find striking candles. All and sundry brands are cautious about providing surprisingly beautiful looks to their candles that grasp your users’ attention. Due to this, the use of custom candle boxes is best to pack them in a secure box. Here is the list of top brands that use highly customized candle packaging. 

  • Otherland.
  • Bath & Body Works.
  • Diptyque.
  • Homesick.
  • Greentree Home.
  • Nest New York.
  • Harlem Candle Co.

Now it’s time to show the imperative ways that you can use to make fascinating and customized candle packaging. 

Choose Eco-friendly Cardstock for your Candle Packaging 

The first step is to finalize the quality cardstock that you can use for your candle packaging. However, custom candle boxes are available in versatile materials, and you can easily choose as per your requirements. In addition to this, cardboard and Kraft are top-notch options for your candle packaging. Most brands use cardboard candle boxes with thick ranges, but Kraft is the more eco-friendly option for your candle boxes. 

Kraft is the preeminent cardstock that is popular in every industry due to having the fastest biodegradability and decomposability. Well, you can use corrugated cardstock to construct durable candle shipping boxes. Rigid is perfect for using candle gift boxes to make them opulent. Also, if your rigid material is made by pressing the multiple layers of Kraft papers, it’s called Kraft rigid cardstock and becomes a superbly eco-friendly option. 

2-Piece Candle Boxes To Easily Open 

After choosing the material for your candle packaging boxes, now it’s time to choose the best style. So, the most functional and decent custom candle packaging style is 2-piece candle boxes. Nevertheless, cardboard is perfect for any style, but 2-piece candle boxes look fascinating with rigid cardstock. This style consists of two separate parts that are easily open without creating any problem. 

Window Cut-outs To Show Your Products Quality

Now it’s time to enhance the visibility of your products for authentication and the charming look of your candles. PVC plastic windows cover your products and prevent dust or pollution. As well, it makes your candle box packaging appearance more valuable for your target audiences. You can use window style from two types: a single-sided window and the other is a double-sided window. 

Single-sided window covers inside and provides visibility of your products from the front side. But a double-sided window covers your products from two sides and provides more visibility of your candles. Moreover, you can create any die-cut shape of window as per your choice. 

Insertion of Handle on the Top of the Boxes 

Handle boxes is also one of the best styles to pack your candles in stylish boxes. On this subject, you can attach candles on the tops side of the box that makes from cardboard, plastic, and hemp ropes. The hemp rope handles and cardboard-made handles are a nature-friendly choice for your candle packaging. 

Add Personalized, and Thanks Note Inside the Box 

The unforgettable and influencing unboxing experiences force your customers to use your items again. So, you must pay attention to your candle shipping packaging to provide value to your customers. On this subject, you can print personalized notes with thanks or best wishes and place them inside the custom printed candle box. It shows you love towards your customers, and they love you from the depth of heart. For printing text on cards and boxes, you can make it visible with embossing, debossing, and UV coating.

Use of Padding Material and Partitions for Candle Safety 

As you know, the candle is a fragile item and has a threat to damage easily. So, to ensure the secure delivery and unboxing of your product, you need to add padding material in candle boxes. Also, you can order this material in bulk according to the demand of your wholesale candle boxes to serve your customers. On this subject, you can use padding foams, trays, beads, partitions, Eva foam, and paper cuttings. Choose the best options for your custom candle boxes according to your budget. 

Concluding Above Discussion

So, the above discussion revolves around explaining the six ways that are enough to make your candle packaging fabulous. So, you need to choose eco-friendly cardstock, extra security material, insertion of handles, window cutouts, and 2-pieces candle boxes in your custom candle boxes according to your desires. Moreover, if you can afford it, you choose add-ons and coatings for candle packaging boxes as per your budget. Now it’s all up to you what you choose for candle packaging to make them appealing

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