6 things to consider before applying for a travel Credit Cards

There’s no better feeling than traveling. If you have the right tools, you can make it even more enjoyable. Would you consider applying for travel credit cards? One of the first things people think of when they think of travel credit cards is air miles. 

There are, however, other benefits to travel cards as well. Travel cards are a particular type of credit card designed with travelers’ needs in mind. The rewards from regular credit cards are cashback or points redeemed for gift cards, merchandise, and discounts. Credit cards for travel include travel-related benefits. 

Things to know about travel credit cards

Rewards for users

A large number of travel credit cards offer a huge amount of air miles or reward points as a welcome gift or sign-up bonus. There is no limit to the number of air miles redeemed, both on international and domestic airlines. Select credit cards offer free flights as well.

Complimentary features

Both domestic and international airport lounge visits are complimentary with some travel credit cards. During flight delays, select airport lounges offer free access to cardholders so they can relax and enjoy the lounge’s amenities. 

Cardholders’ friends and family members are permitted free access to some lounges. In addition to providing free golf lessons, concierge services, movie tickets, and discounted dining, some travel credit cards also provide golf lessons, concierge services, and movie tickets.

Customers of major travel credit cards issuers can take advantage of exclusive benefits through partnerships with major airlines, including Jet Airways, Air India, Vistara Airlines, etc. The card’s insurance coverage may protect against unforeseen expenses arising from incidents such as air accidents, medical emergencies, lost baggage, passports or tickets, etc.

Fees waiver 

There are a lot of credit cards out there with no annual fees or no annual fee on travel credit cards. Nonetheless, it is hard to find a travel credit card without an annual fee due to the exclusive privileges offered by these cards. However, most travel credit cards offer annual fee waivers on RBL card payment online to cardholders.

Users can get an annual fee waiver by spending a specified amount within a given year as the bank determines. Cardholders don’t pay an annual fee if they spend the designated amount each year.

Loss liability

Travel credit cards can be lost in foreign countries without you having to worry. Reporting the loss to the bank will protect you immediately from any liability related to subsequent fraudulent transactions.

Mandatory fees

Think about your travel habits first so you can make the right choice. Consider the joining fee and annual fee before making your decision. There is usually a joining fee and an annual fee on cards unless you choose a no-frills card, and these are generally substantial amounts when it comes to co-branded or specialized cards. If you choose to utilize the card, make sure the cost can be recovered.

You, therefore, need to determine how much spending you need to do to earn bonus points and how much time you need to spend before choosing a card. A more expensive loan or one that you cannot reasonably repay without carrying a balance is not advisable if it is more than what you typically spend or afford.

Cash withdrawals 

In addition to your credit card’s standard cash withdrawal rate, you can also expect to pay between 1% and 4% for cash withdrawals. Carrying cash or a travel card with muted fees is a smart move. Alternatively, you can opt for a credit card that doesn’t charge you foreign transaction fees or rewards you heavily for foreign purchases to prevent the fee from affecting the redemption of your rewards.

Remember the penalties 

You should also research and learn about any fees or penalties associated with your card. If you make one late payment, your credit card company won’t raise your interest rate. Plus, you’ll be charged a late fee. Your interest rate will also increase if you exceed your RBL card payment online balance.

You should become familiar with the card’s workings to make the most of it without incurring additional interest or penalties. Choose a different card if the penalty on one is high.

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