5 Ways To Care For Distressed Denim Jeans

Distressed denim jeans have grown in popularity over the past few years. They are worn by both men and women and are distinguished by regions of intentional wearing. Unlike regular jeans, which have a smooth and unbroken texture, distressed jeans have spots where the denim fabric is torn and shredded. It’s a tiny difference that results in a distinctively aged look.

However, if you’re going to invest in a pair of distressed jeans, you’ll need to take some basic precautions to ensure that they survive. Distressed jeans should not be treated like any other pair of jeans. They are more likely to absorb damage since they have intended wear spots. Following the suggestions in this blog by Neo-Noir Clothes, you may make your distressed jeans stay longer.

For Laundry: Turn Them Inside Out

Turn your distressed jeans inside out before washing them. Most individuals throw their jeans and other clothes in the washing machine without turning them inside out. While this is good for most other items, it increases the danger with distressed jeans.

Distressed jeans already feature torn and frayed denim fabric. Turning your distressed jeans inside out reduces the likelihood of them being damaged in the washing machine. Turning your distressed jeans inside out only takes a minute, but it will allow you to get more usage out of them.

Wash Less, Shine More

You don’t need to wash your distressed jeans every time you wear them. You may be able to wear them for up to a week if they are not soiled. Distressed jeans only need to be washed when they are dirty.

So, why not wash your distressed jeans every time you wear them? As previously stated, distressed jeans are more prone to damage than standard, non-distressed one. If you wash them too often, the denim fabric may develop more rips and tears. They will last longer if cleaned less regularly.

Hang It On Line To Dry

Consider hanging your distressed jeans to dry after removing them from the washing machine. There’s no doubting that tumble clothes dryers are helpful. If you need to dry your jeans, place them in a tumble dryer for 20 to 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, clothes dryers frequently damage garments, particularly extensively used apparel such as distressed jeans. You might not notice any immediate damage after running your distressed jeans through the dryer. However, if you continue to dry your distressed jeans in the dryer, they will degrade faster. Line drying your distressed jeans is a simple remedy.

Consider Washing With Similar Colors

Wash your distressed jeans with similar-coloured clothing. You don’t need to wash your distressed jeans separately. It is totally acceptable to wash it with other pieces of clothing. However, if you’re washing many items in the same load, ensure they’re all the same colour so that your jeans won’t absorb other colours.

Avoid Using Bleach

Some people believe adding a capful of bleach to their jeans can help remove stains and imperfections. The reality is that bleach and denim do not mix. In fact, by neutralising the dye, bleach might permanently ruin your distressed jeans.

Exposure to bleach may cause irreversible discolouration of your distressed jeans, whether light blue, black or any other colour. 

If you’re having trouble getting a stain out of your distressed jeans, add 1 cup of vinegar to the washing machine. Vinegar is a safe and effective stain remover that will not cause discolouration or any other harm.

Conclusive Thoughts

Distressed jeans provide a fun and distinct look that many of us prefer. They demand a little more effort to clean and maintain because they are purposefully worn during production. Follow these suggestions by Noir LDN to make your distressed jeans last longer. If you are concerned about the quality, then we are considered the best in the UK, providing our valued customers with superior quality distressed jeans, t-shirts, and Black Noir Jackets. Give us a try, and you won’t be disappointed!

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