5 Useful Tips for Making the House Ready for Monsoon

Monsoon in India has already arrived and it is a great relief from the summer heat for everyone. We are ready to welcome the beautiful rains in our lives and excited for living a beautiful life with greenery all around, but is our house ready to handle all the problems that a continuous rainfall is going to cause? A house faces several issues during the rainy season and the most common ones are humidity, leakage, sewage block, and much more. Hence, along with yourself, it is important to make your house monsoon ready by taking care of some tiny things related to home décor and spaces so that you all can welcome the beautiful rains with open arms and happy hearts. 

Here are some very useful tips that will help you make your home monsoon ready.

  1. Check out the open or unattended wiring system in the house. During monsoon, short-circuiting is the most common issue faced by various people in their houses. This happens when you do not fix the open wiring on time. Please check it on a priority basis especially when you have small kids at home.  
  2. As the monsoon arrives, the wind blows faster as compared to normal days and many of the plants in your balcony or garden may not be comfortable with the such flow. Also, many plants may not require continuous rainwater and excessive water may damage them. So, you need to take care of repositioning such plants according to their capability.  
  3. Many times, when the wind and rain start simultaneously, our houses face the water coming inside from the balcony. This flooding of water may damage your expensive furniture. So, you need to protect your balconies and windows by covering them with shades or awning and take necessary preventive measures on time. 
  4. With the excessive moisture and humidity inside the house during monsoon, wooden furniture is the one that gets affected the most. Either the furniture will lose its shape or it will become more prone to pests and termites that decrease the age of your expensive furniture.  Protect your furniture using the below measures:
  • Always place your wooden furniture with some necessary gap between the wall and it. 
  • To keep a continuous check on the dampness and humidity level inside the house, buy a humidifier. 
  • Avoid using wet clothes for cleaning wooden furniture. It takes time to dry and damages the furniture.
  • To prevent the furniture from swelling, use varnish or lacquer and apply a fresh coat before the monsoon starts. 
  1. A bad drainage system can cause some serious issues inside the house. Keep a check on the drainage system of the house. If it gets blocked, the water will get stored inside the house and you will be troubled with foul smells, insects, diseases, and much more. 

These are a few basic tips that everyone should follow before welcoming monsoon. Monsoon can be beautiful when all the things are managed properly on time. For more related tips on home décor, please visit thefeelgoodmoments.com

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