5 Ultimate Ways To Protect & Conserve Our Environment

Sometimes we feel hopeless & powerless, due to which we cannot take any actions or do things that matter to us since the government takes all the vital decisions. But keep in mind that we as individuals can also make a difference through the smaller or larger initiative. Consumers are dictating the majority of the markets & even the slightest change in their consumption habits can impact how goods are being produced or traded.

Below we are listing the top 7 ways using which you can control the future & protect our ecosystems and the environment:

1) Starting your initiative or volunteering for an environmental organization

Whether you start with something small like creating a clean-up group or building a large social organization with significant impact & reach, taking environmental conservation initiative can go a long way! There are various Reputed NGO Working for Environment protection & organizations led by youth across the globe. You can also join local nonprofit organizations or environmental community groups & make an impact on the environment. There are several ways to get involved, including running awareness campaigns online & offering practical help like fundraising events & beach clean-ups.

2) Reduce or recycle paper

Collect all your old novels or textbooks that you are not using anymore & donate them to your juniors, children in your neighborhood or try sending them across to countries with limited access to educational resources. It’s better to save the resources & put them to reuse rather than letting them sit on the bookshelf. In the same way, we can reduce the raw material demand for paper production by recycling unwanted paper, thus conserving ecosystems of forests & trees.

3) Recycling most often

Recycling may look simple, but it is a very effective way to conserve resources & reduce the carbon footprint of individuals. Instead of throwing everything in thrash, separate your metal waste, paper & plastic & deposit it in your recycle bin. Recycling helps reduce landfill pollution, consumes fossil fuel & raw materials, & creates a circular economy.

4) Saving resources

Are you aware of the fact that only 0.03% out of 70% of the water that is available to us is freshwater? So saving water is crucial to freshwater ecosystems? Taking care of simple things like taking short showers, avoiding small washing clothes & turning off your taps while brushing can help save gallons of water! Similarly, be mindful of your electricity consumption & adapt accordingly to reduce energy production demand, preserving fossil fuel resources.

5) Only buying things which you need

Last but not least, evaluate your purchasing habits. Are you into buying too many products? Are you fine without some of the things you often buy? Are you a responsible consumer? Various offers or discounts will tempt us to buy more but keep in mind that it will also cost us & the environment more. Purchase what you need, whether it is groceries, accessories, or home products & in that way, you will help reduce the amount of waste generated & pollution. Excessive consumption can be counter-productive & can undermine the bio-diversity of our planet due to the limitation of our natural resources.

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