5 Reasons to Move Your Company to Dubai in 2022

Are you considering starting your own business or establishing a business setup in Dubai? The ambition to start a company is merely the first step. Starting your own business requires a lot of guts. Yes, you will be doing something new and stepping outside your comfort zone. Still, there are countless advantages to doing so—no more 9-to-5 employment, the freedom to work whenever you choose and earning more money than in the corporate sector, to mention a few.

We understand the worth and significance of Dubai in terms of starting a new business. Its fastest-growing, most stable, most electric economy makes it a great place for you to launch a successful business in Dubai. Not only that, but there is a slew of additional factors that make Dubai the most appealing and appropriate location for investors to establish a business. Through this blog, you will know how to get business management consultant services: 

Why Start Your Business in Dubai?

Business hub

No city in the world is more appealing to do business than Dubai. It is one of the Middle East’s most profitable corporate centres and commercial capitals. This commercial zone serves as a conduit for trade between Africa, Europe, the United States East Coast, and Asia.

It is quite easy to travel to nations on these continents with developed economies, so it has some of the world’s busiest airports and seaports. As a result, the simplicity with which you may reach such large marketplaces provides you with a wonderful chance to start a business and trade globally.

Flourishing Economy

We can never express our gratitude enough for Dubai’s ever-expanding economy. The Emirates has one of the greatest economies in the Middle East, with a stunning yearly trade surplus and excellent per capita income. Companies are given very stable financial positions as well as financially advantageous conditions.

In addition, Dubai’s investments have risen dramatically in recent years. This massive infusion of foreign wealth has bolstered Dubai’s economy. Thanks to the robust economy and business-friendly circumstances, several billion-dollar corporations, affluent enterprises, and flourishing startups have relocated to Dubai to develop worldwide. So, if you want to start a new business, Dubai is a great place to do it.

Top-Class Amenities and Infrastructure

In Dubai, you’ll discover perfect infrastructure and world-class amenities. You’ll discover everything you need to start your business, from basic basics to full-fledged office settings. The city’s infrastructure is impressive, including abundant power, top-notch warehouses, world-class public transit, cutting-edge telecom networks, extensive road networks, top-of-the-line residential accommodations, and much more.

Businesspeople who attended the Dubai Expo 2020, which is presently taking place, have firsthand Dubai’s extraordinary infrastructural capabilities. Furthermore, the government has made significant investments to attract more investors, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs.

Ease of Doing Business

Starting a new business in Dubai is no longer tough. It is simple to start a new firm thanks to the cooperation of government entities and cutting-edge technology. In Dubai, there are a plethora of finance options available to assist you in the speedy expansion of your company. If you have a unique company concept, you may turn it into a reality with the support of a variety of funding sources. Financial assistance, professional counsel, mentorship, and technical assistance are available. Furthermore, a UAE government rule mandates that small enterprises get a minimum of 10% of government contracts each year.

We propose that you launch your company in one of Dubai’s free zones. You can visit several venture capital forums in free zones to obtain a reliable source of money. Various business incubation centres with great workplaces and amenities may be found in free zones. It will assist you in fast-expanding your company. We can assist you with the creation and registration of your business. We will offer experienced guidance and advise and support you during the entire process to ensure that everything runs properly.

Zero Tax Policy

Due to comprehensive exemption from all taxes, including personal, income, customs, and company tax, Dubai provides you with hassle-free business prospects. It implies you won’t have to study the tax rules of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. You won’t have to bother to tweak your company’s financial policies and cashflows to save money on taxes. Complete tax exemption for export and import, full repatriation of earnings and cash, and no currency limits may all help your firm develop quicker.

The only tax that some businesses must pay is a 5% Value Added Tax. It was first implemented in January 2018 and is only applicable to certain commercial operations. You must register your company in a UAE-free zone to maintain your business earnings without paying any income or business tax to the Emirates government. This will also assist you in increasing your company’s profitability and liquidity.

What is the Best Way to Start a Business in Dubai?

Starting a business in Dubai is a simple and painless procedure involving little to no effort. You have to get some of your 

Paperwork validated by officials and obtain a few government clearances.

The methods below might help you figure out how to start your new business in Dubai.

1: First and foremost, you will choose a commercial activity for your firm. You can pick an activity from the following categories based on your license:

For Industrial License

  • Production
  • Segregation
  • Accumulation
  • Packaging

For Commercial License:

  • Importing and exporting goods
  • Selling electronic products
  • Real Estate
  • Commercial brokerage services
  • Selling of construction material
  • Retail stores
  • Rent-a-car services

2: After that, you’ll decide where you want to start your business. You can stay in a free zone or on the mainland. Both have their merits, but the free zone is the best option for new enterprises owing to the numerous perks it provides. If you want to start a business on the mainland, you’ll need to find a local sponsor and get a letter of authorization from them.

3: The next step is to draught the company’s Memorandum of Association. The Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) lays forth the fundamental parameters under which the company will conduct its activities. For example, share issuance, the principal goal of the firm, capital investment, and so on.

4: Now is the time to seek DED permission. Your firm will need to get preliminary permission from the Department of Economic Development.

5: Once DED has given you first clearance, you must register your firm under a distinctive trade name.

6: Once the trade name has been registered, the business owner must find a real office location to establish the firm.

7: The business owner will next be required to apply for a trade license.

8: After receiving your license, you can establish a bank account with any foreign, Islamic, or local bank.

9: If you are a foreigner, you must go through immigration and visa.

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