5 Quick And Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom

Do you spend a lot of time in your bedroom? Does it look the same as when you stepped inside it for the very first time? When was the last time you changed anything? Are you starting to get bored and thinking of making some upgrades?

For a lot of people, their bedroom is a place where they can have privacy, rest, relax, refresh, and recharge. Therefore, it has to be clean, comfortable, and cozy at all times. If you need help improving yours, below are 5 ideas you can try:

1. Repositioning your Bed

Placing your bed near a thin, shared wall can wake you up at random hours of the night due to noise and other disturbances on the other side. Putting it too close to the entryway can make it difficult to open the door properly or for people to enter. Where you place your bed can have an impact on your comfort level and sleep, so you should pick a spot that offers enough space and comfort.

2. Filling the Walls

Liven up your blank bedroom walls by putting up art or tapestries, installing floating shelves, hanging wallpaper, or adding a mural. You can visit your local art shops, home goods stores, or hardware stores to find the things that you need. You can also go on the Internet to find online shops with a large and diverse collection of art pieces and artists who do commissions.

3. Hiding Cords, Cables, and Wires

Messy and tangled computer cords, phone and tablet charger cables, and electrical wiring all over your bedroom floor are not things that make a cozy bedroom. They need to be hidden to turn your bedroom into a tidy and comfortable abode. You can try hooking them to the back of your bed, desk, chair, cabinet, or other furniture pieces, run them behind the bedroom walls, stash them into tubing, or tie them together using cable ties and then attach them to the furniture legs or placing them inside a decorative basket or behind some books.

4. Adding a Rug

A rug can help enhance your bedroom in many different ways. For example, if you buy a colorful, printed rug made using cotton monk’s cloth, you can expect a vast improvement in the aesthetic of your room. The addition of new colors and patterns gives more texture, polish, and life to your private space. A rug made with monk’s cloth can also protect your floor from scratches, reduce falls and slips, cover cracks and other imperfections on the floor, and dampen sounds. You can even make your own monk cloth rug with an at-home rug crafting kit. These kits usually come with bright yarn or other fabric and a sheet of monk cloth you can cut into a custom shape.

5. Tidying up

Look under your bed, on your bedside table or dresser, and inside your drawers and wardrobe, and get rid of any trash, debris or things you don’t use anymore. Dust, dirt, grime, candy wrappers, crumpled pieces of paper, and other junk make your space cluttered and uncomfortable.

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