5 Greatest BMW Motorcycles of All Time

If you’ve ever driven a BMW, you’re aware that these motorcycles are unique. People are drawn in by the way the car appears, handles, and feels. After owning a BMW, people tend to stick with the brand. Check out these incredible all-time bikes from a vintage BMW motorcycle parts company – –


This is the Motorrad that started it all, manufactured between 1923 and 1926. It discusses how the R32 separated out from its peers by having an air-cooled 494cc flat-twin (or boxer-twin) engine that powered the rear tyre using a shaft final drive configuration. It was transitioning from an aircraft engine maker at the time. The boxer engine, which was drawn on BMW’s experience as an aircraft engine provider, was one of the first motorcycles to use a wet sump oiling system. More crucially, the R32’s boxer engine and shaft drive arrangement immediately became part of the brand’s DNA and is still used in its main models today.

BMW Kompressor

BMW’s bikes quickly entered the racing arena after the R32 was developed, and they quickly charted success. The BMW Kompressor race bike, constructed from 1926 to 1939, is one of the first and perhaps most radical. The Kompressor, like the R32, was ahead of its time with its flat-twin engine and supercharger. Yes, BMW was one of the first to experiment with forced induction in motorcycles in 1926, when it added a supercharger to its flat-twin boxer engine – about 90 years before the Kawasaki Ninja H2. The goal was to use raw power to overcome the top-handling Norton race bikes of the day.


Due to the R69, BMW Motorrad was able to survive in the post-World War II era when many of its rival German brands were closing down. The BMW R69, which was produced between 1955 and 1960, was responsible for bringing BMW out of its postwar doldrums. A 549cc boxer-twin heart and shaft final drive system set it apart from its counterparts once again. The R69’s conservative outlook disguised the R69’s ostensibly advanced mechanical underpinnings. However, the R69 would ultimately evolve into the more powerful R69S and R69US versions, which were manufactured until 1969. In total, 15,347 cars rolled off BMW’s assembly line, ensuring the company’s postwar success.

BMW R75/5

BMW Motorrad’s postwar renaissance model, the BMW R75/5, was introduced in 1969. It was BMW Motorrad’s first completely new model since WWII, with manufacture lasting until 1973. The BMW R75/5 was powered by a 749cc boxer-twin engine that produced 50hp and 58Nm of torque, all of which was transmitted to the rear wheel through shaft drive. The R75/5 was regarded as the ideal all-rounder because to its small kerb weight of 210kg. The R75/5 had exceptional mid-range acceleration for a normal motorcycle, and its low weight made it one of the best-handling bikes of its day.

BMW K100RS – The Flying Brick

The BMW Motorrad marque saw its next resurgence in the early 1980s. The BMW K100RS sport-touring bike, which was built from 1983 to 1989, was the first of them. It’s simple to see why the K100RS is known as “The Flying Brick” at first glance. Don’t be fooled by its appearance; that squared-off engine was BMW’s first new engine design in more than six decades. The DOHC 987cc in-line four-cylinder engine was a marvel of design. The mill was positioned level in the frame, with the crankshaft on the right and aligned with the shaft drive it had been primed with. This unique design allowed for easier maintenance, and the use of electronic fuel injection resulted in segment-leading power and torque ratings of 90hp and 85.8Nm.

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