5 Fascinating Places To Explore Near Souillac

Souillac is an ideal day trip destination while touring Mauritius since it offers breathtaking landscapes not found anywhere else on the tropical island.

Even though the village itself is not particularly noteworthy and there isn’t much to do, the countryside surrounding Souillac is well worth a visit.

The rocky landscape and severe weather conditions set this area apart from the typically beautiful places to visit in Mauritius. Souillac offers some fantastic stops on your vacation to the south of Mauritius, from a spectacular volcanic cascade to high cliffs and weeping rocks.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest things to do in Souillac to help you make the most of your visit.

Gris Gris On The Mauritius Southern Coastline

Mauritius is a tropical paradise surrounded by a coral reef that acts as a physical barrier from the harsh weather that the Indian Ocean brings. This barrier is gone in the area around Souillac, and the extreme weather conditions can be experienced from the Gris Gris viewpoint.

This is a popular stop on a round trip along Mauritius’ southern shore, and once you reach there, you’ll understand why.

This location is quite photogenic with strong gusts, black rocks, massive waves, and a lovely golden sand beach!

Unfortunately, swimming is not permitted because it can be dangerous owing to strong currents and large waves, but it doesn’t matter. The views are stunning, and you can swim elsewhere because Mauritius has numerous beaches suited for sunbathing and swimming.

The viewpoint is easily accessible by car and is only a few meters from the main road.

La Roche Qui Pleure

A few hundred metres away is one of the fascinating sites near Gris Gris. It’s named La Roche Qui Pleure, and it’s a short distance from the Gris Gris viewpoint.

One of the rocks resembles a human face, and when a large wave hits it, and the water runs down the rocks, it seems like the face is weeping. A big wave requires some imagination and luck, but it’s fun to stay there and wait for the perfect moment.

If you don’t want to walk back and forth or are short on time, you can drive to a parking lot closer to this magnificent sight.

Rochester Falls

Mauritius is home to numerous stunning waterfalls. It isn’t easy to choose which is the most gorgeous, but Rochester Falls stands high on our list.

Rochester Falls does not have the height or volume of water of other waterfalls on the island, such as Chamarel Waterfall or Tamarind Waterfalls, but it does have something that others do not.

This waterfall was fashioned into a spectacular natural attraction by vertical volcanic columns formed by a lava flow. You can swim in the cool water, see the natives who know the waterfall and even plunge into the cool water from the top.

Drive two kilometres from the settlement to the Rochester Falls parking area (use Google Maps), then walk a few hundred metres further on the dirt route, which can get muddy and slippery after rain.

La Plantation De Saint Aubin

Do you appreciate the flavours of vanilla and rum?

Le Plantation de Saint Aubin is a magnificent 1819 colonial house in Souillac where you can learn more about vanilla cultivation and try some extraordinary local rum.

It seems incredibly unique and informative, and the recently rebuilt mansion and garden are lovely, but the tour is far too expensive for what it gives.

Le Souffleur

You’ll need a 4×4 vehicle to reach this place, but it’s well worth it.

In fact, we preferred Le Souffleur’s viewpoint above Gris Gris’. Following the turn-off to the right in L’Escalier, continue on a rural road with potholes alongside the sugar can fields. Standing on top of the high cliff and watching the massive waves crash onto the rocks was breathtaking, and you will definitely spend a long time there.

You can enjoy taking photos, but keep in mind that the camera might be fully covered with sea spray, so bring at least a basic cleaning kit for your lens and don’t forget to clean your camera properly once you get back to your hotel room, as the saltwater could damage it.

It would be great if you also went to Pont Naturel, which is more popular and lovely than Le Souffleur.

Conclusive Thoughts

This is the best time to go to Mauritius, as it has something for everyone, and here you can spend your days in this scenic beauty as actively as you wish.

After exploring the Souillac area, head towards the west along the coast to Le Morne, a table mountain on a small peninsula.

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