5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Business

Once you’ve established your business in New Zealand, secured a strategic location, hired the right people, and made your products or services available, what’s next? Before you make money, there’s one more stage you must focus on: spreading the word. Luckily, there are many ways to tell the world you exist. These tactics include running ads, customising branded promotional products, establishing an online presence, and more! 

This article discusses these marketing suggestions and other ways to promote your brand, reach your target audience, and convert your efforts to profit. 


Smart Marketing and Business Promotions for Your Brand 

Combine your traditional marketing practices with these emerging business promotion tips and maximise success. 


1. Plan a targeted and newsworthy launch. 

If you want to spread the word about your business, start strong. A launch event is an ideal opportunity to do that. Aside from inviting your friends and family, make sure that target customers are on the guest list.  

Most importantly, don’t forget relevant media! Invite bloggers, vloggers, and other content creators from the same niche who’ll gladly review and promote your products to their followers. Look for online professionals who’ll accept non-monetary exchange deals for promoting your brands on their pages. 


2. Strengthen your online presence. 

Don’t let the mentions from your guests and content creators go to waste. Set up your online pages and create an online presence beforehand. 

Aside from your website, you should set up business pages on Facebook, Instagram, and other relevant social media platforms. These pages will make it easy for promoters to include a link to your business. An active online presence helps your customers reach you if they have questions about your products or services. 


3. Encourage customers to leave honest reviews. 

Now that you have these online accessible platforms encourage customers, old and new, to leave reviews for prospective clients to see. Reviews give potential customers an idea of how people experience your services and build their trust in your business.  

Online platforms also help you gather honest feedback from your customers. This feedback will help you improve your business practices. 

Most importantly, actively interact with your customers. Respond to their queries and all reviews, whether good or bad. Customers value sincerity in a business. A reputation for good customer service is one way to help your brand stand out. 


4. Offer branded promotional products. 

Branded promotional products are a creative, fun, and affordable way to give your business more visibility in the offline world. You can have personalised items with your logo and brand name for giveaways, events, and other promotional strategies. Options for promotional products include drinkware, banners, homeware, tools, gadgets, towels, and other novelty items! 


5. Run paid ads online and offline. 

All forms of advertising help businesses reach the right audience. When done right, running paid online ads will dramatically increase your following and convert your audience to paying customers. Online marketing through content-focused advertising is a crucial investment for business owners, especially to dominate today’s digitally driven market. 

Hopefully, these five examples have inspired you to think of creative and practical ways to promote your new business and reach your target market. Good luck!