5 Best Use-Cases Of Voicebots

Conversational AI is an essential part of daily life. From personal assistants to conversational bots, most of us are constantly engaging with AI-driven solutions. What is more fascinating being that, AI is not limited to text but expands to voice and other real-life augmentations. Some of the most common AI-driven solutions are chatbots, voicebots and intelligent voice assistants. Out of them all, today we are going to discuss about voicebots.

What are Voicebots?

Voicebots are an AI-driven solution that allows the user to navigate through the company’s menus through interactive voice (inbound voicebots). The solution runs on Natural Language Processing i.e. NLP to analyse the linguistic and derive the intent behind whatever is spoken by the user. It can answer questions, deliver on a request and even greet the customer on different stages of the journey. Similarly, outbound voicebots can call out to prospects or customers and can initiate a conversation in a similar manner.

Voicebots can potentially set your company apart in terms of customer service. They are faster than any other solution, simply because speaking is faster than typing or browsing. Through voice assistance it can guide your customers anytime without delay.

When running an enterprise, you always train your agents how to maintain the brand image in every conversation. Similarly, voicebots can be designed and personalized according to your brand identity to serve your customers better.

Use cases of voicebots

There is no doubt that voicebots can elevate the quality of your customer service. They can play different roles in different industries be it banking, fintech, retail or logistics. From automated answering to reduced wait time for your customers, voicebots will look after them all. Even more, voicebots can pull essential information to help your customers in time of their need. Most brands are using them as their extended team and termed as  digital workforce.

Here are some popular use cases of voicebots:

Automated tracking in the travel industry:

Customers are always worried about travel timings and any sudden changes to them. SMS notifications might get lost, and the customers can miss their flight. Call centers in any company is mostly crowded and it can put the customer through a terrible experience, before travelling. Hence, having a dedicated voicebot can alleviate your customers from this misery.

For example, if a customer wants to change her flight seat or add a package to their existing ticket, they can call the dedicated number. Upon calling, the voicebot will verify their ticket details and make the necessary changes. There was no wait time and the service was satisfactory.

Proactive update on deliveries:

Customers love notifications on their deliveries. The usual trend is to call up or check on the website, to track where the parcels are. To make the experience seamless, deploy a voicebot that will proactively call customers when they are closer to receiving their deliveries. These time-triggered calls will confirm the delivery address and leave a personal greeting on behalf of the company. This subtle gesture can make your customers delighted and satisfied with choosing your company. Though some companies are using callblast IVR to send an update over a call but then it usually remains a one-way conversation and customers might want to know more during such a call which can be efficiently handled by a voicebot.

Automated top-of-the-funnel calls for the sales team:

It is important to strike the iron when it’s hot. Same with the sales team, who need to call their leads, when the intent is at its highest. Getting in touch with every person who fills out a form or clicks on a button is humanely tedious and primitive. Instead, leverage a voicebot to reach out to all your leads who show interest in your products or services. Whenever someone interacts with any of your CTAs, trigger an automated call that will collect more information and schedule a call back based on mutual availability.

The calls will get recorded and stored in your database. Your sales team can refer to the information stored, and easily follow up with your potential customers. This is an ideal way to manage a high volume of customer interest, without losing any leads amidst the chaos.

Debt collection:

This is a very relevant application of voicebots. Most of the financial companies have a dedicated debt collection team who need to call the persons who have missed out paying their premium on time. The voicebot can be trained to make such reminder calls and get confirmation on the probable date and mode of payment. While for infrequent offender the voicebot can show empathy, while for regular offender it can sound a bit more demanding. Some brands informed us that deploying voicebots have multiple benefits for debt recovery.

  • It is a good strategy to deploy voicebot for debt collection and far more economical than putting human agents for recovery calls.
  • For agents such calls become quite stressful and sometimes lead to arguments
  • Usually customers want to negotiate on payments. With voicebots they don’t get that advantage and most of them stick to their payments.

Self-service experience:

Around 66% of customers prefer self-service over speaking with a customer support agent. However, the self-service channel should be enough to contain the customer. Conversational IVR is basically an IVR with a voicebot integration. It can conduct a human-like conversation by analysing the intent of the customer’s speech.

For example, a customer has called to know the warranty status of their smartphone. The voicebot will verify the customer and pull their details from the database and respond to the customer immediately. Based on the received answer, the customer can proceed accordingly or disconnect the call.


Voicebots can have a positive impact on your customer service. While every interaction is an integral part to retain the customer, most of it can be automated with no room for human error. Whenever the bot hits a roadblock, an agent can interfere to resolve the situation. Hence, it is an ideal time to think and consider voicebots for your enterprise. To understand more about the workings of a voicebot, contact a CZ-expert today!

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