5 Benefits of Using Dual-Flush Hands Free Flush Valves

Everything in industrial locations needs to adhere to a stringent set of requirements, including every fixture and part installed in the restrooms. Each and every piece that you add into these locations needs to be efficient, budget-friendly, highly sanitary, aesthetically pleasing, and so much more.

Unfortunately, it isn’t so easy to locate fixtures and parts that tick all of the boxes you need them to tick. For example, manual flushometers might be slightly more budget-friendly from the get-go, but they actually cost you more in the long run in comparison to automatic flushometers (especially those with dual flushing capabilities).

That is precisely what we will be highlighting today: the five impressive benefits of using dual-flush hands free flush valves in your commercial restroom!

1. Save Money
It is no secret that restroom fixtures and parts can be quite pricey. When switching to hands free flush valves, however, you will be pleased to see the difference in your utility bills. That is because they can save you heaps of cash in the long-run, especially those that have a dual-flush option: one “reduced flush” and one “full flush.”

When you opt for these types of flush valves in particular, you can drastically reduce the amount of water used during most flushes, ultimately saving you an impressive amount of cash.

2. More Eco-Friendly
Taking the environment and its health seriously is imperative in any industry– and that even includes every fixture, part, and other items used in commercial restrooms. After all, there is no planet “B!”

Automatic flush valves that contain the dual-flush options are significantly better on the environment! This is because they typically use about 60% to 70% less water than a standard toilet would!

3. More Sanitary Conditions
We all know that commercial restrooms are breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Simply put, they can be unsanitary. By switching to automatic flush valves, however, you are drastically decreasing the amount of bacteria and other undesirable particles from spreading and lingering on bathroom fixtures.

This is because they disallow the need for touching anything in order to flush. Instead, there is a sensor that picks up movement from the user– both when they enter the stall and when they rise from the toilet to leave. Once the latter is detected, it flushes without the need for manual operation. In doing so, the spread of germs is significantly lessened!

4. Decreased Odors
Is there really anything worse than walking into a restroom and being bombarded with strong, rather nasty odor? Well, we could think of a few things worse, but you get the idea. It’s a nauseating and unenjoyable experience to say the least. Automatic flush valves, however, can reduce these deplorable odors!

They do this in a couple of ways: courtesy flushes and 24-hour automatic flushes. Some of these flush valves come with the option for a courtesy flush, which simply occurs mid-use in order to lessen odor by lessening the time the fecal matter lingers in the bowl.

Those 24-hour automatic flushes also assist in decreasing that putrid odor because, by flushing automatically after 24 hours of disuse, they decrease the build up of gases in the sewer line.

5. Easy and Convenient to Use
Automatic flush valves simply operate with intelligent technology that doesn’t require hardly any work from the user. That makes these parts easy and convenient to use as well. Simply walk in, do your business, and walk out!

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