4 Essential Hand Therapy Equipment For Stroke Patient

We use our hand for almost everything in our mundane life like cooking, washing, writing, computing, etc. Starting from texting on our mobile to having our daily meal, using your hand becomes imperative. The strength and skills of the hand takes a major backseat, when someone succumbs to stroke. It tends to slow down your life in a big way and takes a while for your path to recovery. You can find different hand therapy equipment that helps you to enhance the mobility of your hand and find more strength.

What is Hand Therapy Equipment All About?

If you are disillusioned about what are the main exercises for hand therapy, and the ideal hand therapy equipment then this article will throw light on these areas. Considering the fact that there are ample tools, specially designed for the stroke patient, you need to be vigilant while choosing the ideal tool that can contribute to a speedy recovery. Make sure the equipments are clinically proven for stroke patient and improve their quality of life.

Who are the People Benefiting from Hand Therapy Equipments?

  • Physical therapy is provided by professional therapists that has a significant impact on the hands.
  • Those patients having trouble from using their hands efficiently and effectively must go through the hand therapy to witness the significant difference.
  •  Proper hand therapy reduces the chances of recovering patients from getting depended on others to do their basic tasks. These therapies are applicable for all age groups ranging from children, athletes, patients and seniors.

How does the Hand Therapy Equipment help them?

 The therapy enables them to completely function their hands at their own comfort. Here are people who benefit from Hand Therapy Equipment.

  • Patients suffering from Burns
  • Arthritis patients
  • De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis
  • Suffering from bone fractures
  • Amputed fingers
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Lymphedema
  • Stroke related dysfunction
  • Lymphedema

Main Exercises that Requires Hand Therapy Equipment for Stroke Rehabilitation:

  • Therapy Balls: It is the most affordable choice that enhances the strength and flexibility of the hand after stroke. This hand therapy equipment I. That is, the ball removes the stiffness of the hand or joint. This equipment needs to be used regularly to see the difference. It is much easy to use and has no complicated functionality for you to decode.
  • Finger Exercisers: Doctor’s advice their stroke patients to engage in finger exercises, using the epitome fitness finger master to boost their motor skills. This tool is highly convenient to use, it comprises of a set of pistons that facilitates in strengthening the fingers, hands and forearms. You can carry this portable tool in your workouts, or at home.
  • Therapeutic Gloves and Splints: After a strong the fingers and arms grows weak and requires require exercise to get their mobility back on track. This specially crafted tool improves the functionality of the hand and fingers. It helps to perform therapeutic activities of grasping and releasing exercises. The gloves are convenient to use, easy to wear and extended to thumbs and fingers to make the hand operate in an appropriate manner, thus leading to an ease of pain.
  • Mirror Therapy Box: Some patients suffer from hand paralyses after stroke; this hand therapy tool alleviates pain and improves motor skills. It activates the brain ability to change or recognise after a stroke. This process is called neuroplasticity. This therapy tricks your brain by reflection of the functional limb, which can improve the affected limb to function better. Consistent mirror therapy will make sure your brain takes instructions to move your hand.
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Overall, any hand therapist will advise the regular use of hand therapy tools to recover from a stroke after effects. These equipments are cost-effective and ensures in strengthening the fingers and hand for a better grip.