12 Hotels in Malam Jabba with Most Stunning Room Views

It is almost the vacation time of the year and people are finding places to spend their winter vacation. One of the most appealing and attractive places in Pakistan to spend your vacation is Malam Jabba. It is located in KPK, Swat Valley. Malam Jabba is 314 kilometers away from Islamabad. However, if you are planning to spend your vacation there, you must plan ahead about the transport system and Hotels.

Hotels in Malam Jabba with the Most Stunning Room Views

Since Malam Jabba is a place for tourists they have many hotels and living spaces there; however, not all hotels are worth spending your winter vacations in. You must need a clean space with all the beautiful scenery of Malam Jabba so that even in the room you feel like spending quality time. There are many hotels in Malam Jabba but we will tell you the top 10 hotels with stunning room views in Malam Jabba.

Pearl Continental Hotel Malam Jabba

PC hotels are not new and can be found in every city of Pakistan, it is a 5-star hotel with very good quality and services. The hotel is equipped with modern services and amenities to make your vacation easy, comfortable and peaceful. They have deluxe and family rooms with a very clean environment and amazing furniture. You will enjoy your stay there with all the facilities and amazing views.

Green Palace Guest House Malam Jabba

Another great place to stay in Malam Jabba is Green Palace Guest House, the place has amazing scenery and views that can refresh your mind and calm down your nerves. From the terrace of Green Palace, you can see the magical mountain views of Malam Jabba. Moreover, if you have been there in your own car the guest house offers a private parking space for the safety of your vehicle. The food provided by the guest house is super delicious and it is a great place to spend your vacation peacefully.

Samsons Inn Malam Jabba

You can experience the amazing views of Malam Jabba from the room with so many facilities of the hotel. The budget-friendly 3-star resort with all categories of room and facilities. Each room whether it is a luxury or single room comes with a television, free wifi, en-suite bathroom, telephone, and all the up-to-date facilities for the visitors. The hotel has a fine dining area and healthy eating options for health and food-conscious people. Moreover, the hotel has several lounges and each lounge is blessed with beautiful scenery of Malam Jabba.

Malak Tower Hotel Malam Jabba

If you want to have a vacation on a low budget then this is the right choice for you. The hotel has very amazing views and a reasonable amount of facilities for you to complete your stay over. The room has a terrace with garden views that will brighten up your day and refresh your mind in minutes. You can enjoy the beautiful place even by sitting in your room too. 

Happy Heart Hotel and Restaurant Malam Jabba

The hotel is in the mountains, where you can experience the serenity of the magical Malam Jabba. All rooms have LCD for your entertainment and wifi facility to keep you connected with the rest of the world. The food is amazing and the staff is very hospitable; hence, you will enjoy your visit and stay there. 

Al Sadiq Hotel and Restaurant Malam Jabba

If you want a budget-friendly trip that will not cost you every penny you have then we will tell you about a very affordable hotel with an amazing view of Malam Jabba that is Al Sadiq Hotel and Restaurant. The hotel has a garden and a terrace for the visitors and each room has free wifi, LCD, desk, and a patio with a view of the amazing garden. Moreover, it has Asian and Italian breakfast facilities for its customers. 

Frontier Tower Hotel

The hotel has many facilities such as laundry services, wifi, and activities for your children so they will not get bored. Also, the rates of rooms are very reasonable so you can stay there peacefully without thinking about your budget. The food is also of very good quality and you will get free breakfast here. The staff is very polite and cooperative and offers you a free parking service too.

 Mountain View Resort Malam Jabba

As the name suggests the hotel gives you amazing views of Malam Jabba and it is a 3-star hotel of Malam Jabba. The Mountain view resort has 18 fully furnished rooms and highly trained staff to provide you with amazing services. Moreover, the activities areas such as skiing, ziplining, and chair lift are walking distance away from this hotel, so you can enjoy all the activities easily. The rooms have all the basic amenities that you may require while staying, at a very reasonable price.

Crown Palace Hotel and Restaurant Malam Jabba

In the natural bustling location of Malam Jabba, the Crown palace Hotel is a mid-range hotel with all the basic facilities and toiletries. During your stay, you will have the facility of TV, Free parking, Laundry, Heater, Geyser, and a 24-hour security system that will ensure your safety while you stay there. Although the hotel is 3 star, it has all the facilities like a 5-star hotel.

Al Haseeb Hotel and Restaurants

The hotel provides 5-star accommodation for the visitors with private balconies, also you can get private parking but by paying some extra charges. The other facilities include air-conditioned, LCD, and terrace to enjoy the view of Malam Jabba. 

Three Star Hotel

A hotel with a very reasonable price of rooms and many facilities. It has a garden and a terrace for visitors. This is a 1-star hotel that provides all the basic services to you with the continental breakfast. It is one of the cheapest hotels in Malam Jabba with good rooms and services.

Peace Continental Hotel

The hotel has a garden and terrace for each room from which you can enjoy the mountain view of Malam Jabba. Each room also comes with a sitting area and it is a very nice place to spend your vacation at a reasonable price.

Let’s Start Vacationing

Pack your bags today and spend this winter vacation in the magical and serene place of Swat. Spend as many days as you want without any inconvenience in these amazing hotels. Let us know in the comments below about your experience if you have spent your vacation in any of these hotels.

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