10 Things Agencies Need From a Social Media Management Dashboard

If your agency is trying to decide which social media management dashboard you should integrate into your workflow, here are the ten most important factors to keep in mind as you’re evaluating different options:

Plan and Schedule Posts to Multiple Platforms

A big part of social media management is building a Power BI Dashboard strong following for clients on multiple platforms. Since trying to do that manually simply doesn’t scale, it’s crucial for a dashboard to make this process seamless.

2) Filter and Respond for Multiple Clients

Engagement is another very significant aspect of social media management. That’s why you’ll want a dashboard that not only makes it easy to filter through updates and messages, but also eliminates any friction from the process of responding to other users.

3) Manage Multiple Clients from a Single Dashboard

Not only do you want to be able to filter and respond for more than one client, but it should also be very easy to manage different tasks for multiple clients without constantly needing to log in and out of various accounts.

4) Dedicated Training

Because most dashboards are packed with features, it’s important for there to be some type of training available to your agency’s employees, as well as your clients.

5) Responsive Support

Even with the best training, issues are still going to come up. That’s why it’s important for the company behind a social media management dashboard to provide excellent support for their product.

6) Ability to Post Photos and Videos

Building strong social media communities requires consistently sharing the absolute best content. And while that will often take the form of text content, it can also be photos or videos. That’s why you’ll want to be sure that a dashboard you’re considering doesn’t have any restrictions about sharing rich content.

7) Workflow Approval

Since some clients will want to be very involved in the social media process, you can save yourself a lot of headaches down the line by ensuring that the dashboard you choose has a feature that allows clients who want to approve posts prior to them going live to do exactly that.

8) White Labeling

Many agencies want their clients to be able to log into the social media dashboard. If you have the same plan, it’s important that you’re able to Management Dashboard create a simple and intuitive experience by having all of your branding throughout the dashboard.

9) Easy to Customize Reports

Regardless of whether or not clients have access to the dashboard, there’s still a lot of value in providing them with easy to understand reports. While analytics are standard for most dashboards, what you need to pay attention to is how easy the dashboard makes it to distill all of that data into an easy to digest report.

10) Mobile Access

Even though it may not be necessary to access the entire dashboard from a mobile device, a quality social media dashboard should make it easy to perform basic tasks when you’re away from a computer.

Thanks to the popularity and continued growth of social media, there are quite a few quality social media management dashboards. Even though choosing just one can put a lot of pressure on an agency, as long as you use the criteria outlined above to evaluate each potential choice, you and all of your clients will be pleased with the dashboard you ultimately choose to start using.