10 Proven Tips to Boost IELTS Score for Beginners

Hello, future IELTS superstar! Firstly, are you starting your IELTS test preparation? Great! Wishing you luck for that.
Secondly, do you want some amazing tips that can set you apart from the rest? If yes, then this article is for you. Just keep reading and by the end, you will be ever ready to take up the exam.
Students aspiring to study abroad need to take this exam. Moreover, preparing for IELTS can be stressful. Sometimes, it can be scary as well. But, there is nothing to worry about. With these easy tips given by IELTS experts, you can boost IELTS score to the next level.

So, let us start with knowing what exactly IELTS is.

What Is IELTS?

The full form of IELTS is the “International English Language Testing System.” It is a simple test that checks how good you are with the English language. Moreover, if you want to show off your language skills or want to shift to an English-speaking country for your education or job purpose, clearing your exam with a good IELTS test preparation is super important.

Syllabus for IELTS exam

Now that you have some knowledge about the IELTS exam, let’s know more about its syllabus and other vital things. Moreover, these are important for you to score better.
The IELTS exam mainly consists of 4 sections- Listening, Writing, Speaking and Reading. Thus, the next to follow is a quick brief on the syllabus for IELTS.

a) Listening:

Listening is the first section. This section lasts for 30 minutes. Here, you will listen to some recordings in various English accents for once. You need to understand them and later answer a few questions. Moreover, they might be multiple-choice or short-answer type questions. So, you have to hear the questions and carefully answer them as per the guidelines. Therefore, performing here will not only improve your confidence but also boost IELTS score.

b) Reading:

Reading is the second section. This lasts for 60 minutes and it consists of 3 passages. Moreover, these are of diverse topics. So, these passages are from various books, magazines or news articles. Thus, this section will help the examiner know your reading skills. Here, you need to answer multiple choice questions, sentence completion and other True or False questions.

c) Writing:

Writing is the third section. This section consists of 2 tasks. The first task will be 150 words, and the second task will be 250 words. Moreover, in the first part of task 1, you will have to describe the visual information like charts, graphs, etc. Similarly, in the second part of task 1, you have to write a letter on a given topic. After that, in task 2, you need to write an essay on a given topic.

d) Speaking:

This is the last section. This can be a game changer and can boost IELTS score. It consists of 3 parts. Part 1 deals with your introduction and questions about yourself. In part 2, you will have to speak on a topic for 2 minutes. In part 3, you will have a discussion about the part 2 topic to get more information. So, now, you might have all the necessary knowledge about the syllabus that can help you develop a strategy regarding your IELTS test preparation. Thus, let’s now learn the tricks to improve your IELTS score.

10 Proven Tips to Improve Your Overall IELTS Score

When a student is planning to appear for the IELTS exam, the first mistake he make sis, not to learn from the experts. No, this is not about taking up coaching classes online; you’ve to keep a check on their tips. Yes, learn from the tips shared by experts to get ahead and here are a few to begin with:

Know The Format: Having a deep knowledge of the format is very important. This will help you to get familiar with and build a strategy. Moreover, you can always bookmark this page and comeback to check the format for IELTS.

2.Develop Time Management Skills: Time management can set you apart. You can achieve this with regular practice and prioritizing the questions based on difficulty.

3.Focus on Academic Vocabulary: Expand your vocabulary skills. Pay close attention to the regularly used words and phrases. It can help you score better. Moreover, this can impress your examiners.

4.Improve Your Listening Skills: Spend some time daily to improve your listening skills. Listen to a variety of accents and listen to various podcasts and news broadcasts.

5.Enhance Your Reading Speed: Improving your reading speed can boost IELTS score. Read newspapers, books and other articles on a regular basis and track your reading speed.

6.Refine Your Speaking Skills: Speaking skills are most important. Have regular conversations. Try to speak about a variety of topics. This will improve your fluency, grammar and vocabulary.

7.Master Writing Task Strategies: Know the needs and get familiar with the essay structure. Practice writing essays on a variety of topics. Focus on logic, placing your ideas and examples.

8.Take Practice Tests: Practice is the key to success. So, on a regular basis, practice tests in the examination environment. This will improve your confidence and performance.

9.Seek Guidance: There are many online and offline institutes. You can get help from them. Moreover, this can help you identify, rectify and learn from your mistakes.

10.Stay Calm: Practice meditation and mindfulness. On the exam day, try to stay calm and focused. Most importantly, be confident. Trust in your preparation and give the best shot.


To sum up, implementing these tips and tricks can significantly improve your overall performance. Moreover, you can achieve your desired band score. Thus, know the syllabus for IELTS, stay consistent in your practice and prepare with dedication. Moreover, stay motivated and keep pushing yourself. Therefore, within no time, you will be able to achieve your goals.
All the best!

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